How Many Spins Do You Try to Play?


When you set down to play, how long do you try and play? How many spins?



5-10, then I start playing little with sectors, continuing to observe roulette. When I’m kind of sure in my observations - apply AP, maybe 20-30 spins in total.


50-60 start form spin 2 8)
known wheel

Sometimes it can be much more especially when things didn’t go the way i wanted.


Depends on how long my martingale lasts me. ;D


I like to play short sessions. I watch 3-4 spins, known wheel, then bet. Usually about 20 spins or so.


Up to and including 100 if needed after the second spin. When the hits cluster, which they tend to do, regardless of the amount of spins played I stop and color in. Least amount of exposure, least amount of risk!


Hang on, I’m a bit confused. (I am not arguing with Snowman)

I count 4 above posts, saying they use PAST numbers. Hmmmm, by definition (even from the AP crew), past numbers in ANY form is STILL gamblers fallacy. :stuck_out_tongue: Wait I know, the rules (definitions) are not the SAME for everyone.



No one in here expects you to understand it. Apparentley gamblers fallacy is extremely complex to understand. Its alright ken, you are excused. Like i said, no one expects you to suddenly understand something that has given you a headache for 4 years.


??? I am QUOTING (that means, your words) you and your crew. Using PAST numbers in ANY form is gamblers fallacy…even if its only one number. I must have done at least 8 threads on the silly subject. So what I’m looking for is >>>

“Hang on Ken, in some cases, using PAST numbers is NOT gamblers fallacy”.




Im well aware that you deliberately acting too thick to comprehend it, because an advantage player uses past spins for physical measurements you think: Woooooo they are using past spins !!!

Gamblers fallacy is expecting specific numbers to show up on basis of the numbers already fallen. In many cases, AP don`t even uses the outcome numbers but only the distance between 2 numbers or sectors or the distance from where the ball hits the rotor to where it rests. Woooooo thats using past spins !!! Do i expect a specific number to show up because of that ? Naa.

Keep going ken, you have no idea how much of a fool you make of yourself.


“an advantage player uses past spins” >>> Thats all I need, thank you. I’m not out to make anybody (myself included) look bad.

I took a QUOTE and noticed it was wrong, so what?



Using past NUMBERS for predicting future numbers IS gamblers fallacy. The exception is bias play where one needs confirmation from the numbers in a bias already spotted BEFORE any spins is watched.

If i was allowed to put a level in the ball track i wouldnt need any spins at all to identify a tilt. But the best tool is actually the ball since its more sensitive to not only the tilt but also deform tracks.

Denial of gamblers fallacy is usually seen in people who has Roulette as last option for a way to wealth, debt covering and a independent lifestyle. Next step is pretty ugly-


“The exception” >>> There we go, that only took six years to get.



Apparently you still dont/wont get it. Since you are not allowed to bring down 2 - 3 measuring tools into the wheel bowl, you use the numbers as confirmation of defects.

GF uses the previous numbers as triggers for defining playable sleepers or hotties.

A bias player would only use previous spins as an alert to look closer at a specific wheel. If no bias is detected when the wheel is in action, the alert would be discarded as a normal 3 Standard Deviation or maybe be put on a observation list where a larger wheel mapping could be a possibility if there isnt any wheel with better opportunitys.


I was wondering why you asked this Snowman. I realize bias players play for long periods and I guess not so vb players. My sessions definately depends on how fast the dealers are and the turnaround time between spins. I have one wheel I have been playing for the last 6 months. Currently the only wheel I’m playing. Bad part is that before 4pm it is a 2 bucks table, after 4pm it becomes a 5 bucks table. This is bad because I prefer playing say somewhere between 12-6pm (almost exclusively on Sundays). I know other’s will critisize my staking methods but I buy in for a 1000 and ask for my colour to be changed to 10 bucks chips which they then obviously do. I cover anything between 3 and 12 numbers depending on direction of spin and I play pretty much every spin (although I know I leak chips because of the scatter and certain wheel speeds) On a hit I ask for 3 blacks and remainder colour. The 3 blacks get pocketed and the remainder 5 chips colour gets added to my stacks.

I continue until all my colour has been spent. Then walk away and cash in my Blacks. I will then take a break (not long :slight_smile: ) and if things went well play another session. Not bragging but these days they are going more than fair.

It is pretty obvious that the dealers know me well by now and call me on my name. They are definately aware of me and what I do because consistancy of wheel speeds are non existant especially if I play alone or with one or two others on the table. If the tables are very busy, they don’t worry too much. Off course very busy tables slows down the game and furthermore makes reaching numbers sometimes just about impossible. So crowded tables isn’t quite my liking.



I see two of your goofs are starting s**t at another board and AS USUAL…under new user names again. Acting as if they “belong”, only to stir to pot. Christ Almighty, people play methods… LET IT GO and MOVE ON. :o



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