How many posts to gain access to VB2 Section?

I really want to gain access to VB2 (I am a newbie and have a lot of questions)!!

May someone link to the Forums Rules where is an answer to this question. Im interested, too

The story goes this way.
It is subscription forum, reason for that is I dint want everyone writes stupidities there.
But it the section also can be accessed with x amount of post. I assume someone who makes posts and reads stuff is more serious about roulette advantage play. I never say how many posts because I do not want someone spam the forum just to get access.

Makes sense, thanks forester

At this forum everything makes sense other way it wouldn’t be there.

You should have an access ;D, enjoy.

Hi All

I am new to the forum too.

I understand that you have to make x amount of posts or subscribe to the forum,

so If I wanted to subscibe can someone please tell me how to do it,

many thanks,


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[quote=“Forester, post:7, topic:704”];sa=page;p=2

I am confused, why food in EU is ½ price than in Australia :o[/quote]

Hi Forestor

when I click on the link it takes me to the page

then when i click on the 2nd link to pay subscription it takes me to your profile ?