How is the true Situation in 2019 regarding VB and RC?


Hey guys,

triggered by one of “Steves” sites, cross-referenced (unaware) by one of his other sites/forums, was I already ready to buy firstly the system what was allegedly stolen from Ion Saliu (RouletteHemis) to make money enough to buy one of Steves roulette computers finally.

I got a hit in my stomach if I realized how broad spread and obvious genuine the bad reputation reports in the web about Steve H. are.

So, now I got after a stop at Jafco here to your forum and to Myrulet.

I try to filter wisely lies and marketing blahblah (industry-wide) from true informations and look to realize my dream: To earn significant money with roulette.

Now my question:

We are in 2019. Roulette could have become technically harder to beat since the last 15 years. But why are the most publications/videos/websites so outdated? I dont know if the informations are outdated, but all videos, forum posts etc etc are old. Less new content.

So what I´m wondering is, is the subject VB or RC still alive? Is this still a serious “living” industry? Why is everything appearing like not vivid anymore?

Please give me a honest opinion about the “industry” of advantage-roulette-play subjects in 2019.

I want to make money. But please beware me to develop false hopes and to throw money.

Best regards,




Hi Robert,

Reading your post, I cannot help but realize that there are many skeptical people out there like yourself. It’s obviously good to be conservative with your investments but like you saw with the crypto crash, anything is possible.

The thing with VB and RC that people don’t understand is that it is not a simple magical system or formula to great riches. There is still allot of discipline and hard work involved. You have to become a master at accuracy, observation and discipline. This only comes with tremendous practice and patience.

What I found ;

I use the FFV by forester. Initially I was sceptical like you. But then I realize my own factors to be mastered along with the system. Firstly, the table you play must have the correct playing environment. Be disciplined in finding the following table:

  1. Dominant Diamonds
  2. Less ball scatter (observe type of ball used)
  3. Late as possible No-more-bets call by dealer.
  4. Not a very busy table.
  5. Dealer spin consistency
  6. Consistent rotar speeds.
  7. Etc etc

The actual RC system:

  1. Clock as accurately as possible.
  2. Learn the prompts and menus of the system thoroughly so you don’t make mistakes.
  3. Add corrections properly.
  4. Know when parameters have changed and adjust system or restart from scratch.

There are many more factors that are not covered but you will only learn and discover and fine tune YOUR system the more you practice at a live casino. If you are serious about roulette, you will regard it as a business. And in business, sometimes it takes a loss before it can find its place in making consistent profit. But there’s a lot of work.

So to answer your question, yes it has become more difficult but all that means is finding different approach to the difficulty. Given enough contemplation, any problem can be solved. The roulette wheel is still based on physics as it was 15 years ago.

Only you can do the research to find and develop your own strategy using VB or RC.

Hope this helps

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Thank you so much for your answer. It is logical and nothing of what you write wonders a person who has a serious approach to the subject.

But my question is more this:

Why do I have the feeling if I search for videos and go thru all the resource sites (forget now Steves sites like roulette-computers etc.) why is all the content approximately 10 years old? Videos, old. Forum topics, old. All is mostly from somewhere around 2008-2015.

I am not skeptical, I wonder why I appear so. I just ask: Is VB and RC still a living matter, frequented from succesful players, with new informational ressources, or is there a reason why it seem (!) nothing much happens anymore.



I will say you this- winners are, and to win is possible, but for that must spend much more efforts say than 20 years back when say I started.
And one more moment - for me looks that 20-15 years back was more peoples who understood VB. Now looks that even these which name himself as Vb players not understand what they must do…
RC is the same VB only you use some helper.



Hmmm… Let me ask like a kid: If I check Steves sites, all looks almost easy: Spend some thousands, build a team and get rich (skills needed, indeed) untill you get detected. Problem: Steve sells dreams and shit? I dont know…

I still dont know if I can make money with a working roulette computer or not. If I see that most informations about computers are dated around lets 2010 then I get the feeling that its not possible anymore to beat roulette with computers. I dont know… I´m asking…

Or are we old now? Is in not modern anymore to go away with some thousands from a casino?

Why is all looking so “sleeping”?

Can I make money in some Casinos? Can I spend some money for a computer, learn to USE it properly, travel, and go away with cash from a casino? A few times per week?

I still dont understand the real chance of success if I´m reading here. Why is all content so old?

Or let me ask so:

Is this all here still relevant? I want to make money. Can I do so? Today? In 2019?

I see posts from 2008. 2012 etc etc. Hey, we want to make money! So if its possible to do so, why is here not much more traffic? Are we dinosaurs or is the method just old and worn out?

I try to get a realistic feeling for the relevance in 2019



Very strange why you ask others about himself, can you make money ?.. not looks strange to you?
When you buy a car - do you think that you will be champion in rally race?

All depends on you…
If you are good at that - you will be the winner. If you are bad - sorry but any computer will help.
Good or bad you are - only you can know…



I am so frustrated because I am misunderstood.

It is not about if me personally can make money. I absolutely understand that personal skills are the basis for all.

My question is: All content (posts etc.) is looking old. Optically outdated. So, is it still possible for anyone with good technical and behavioral skills to make money with RC in a casino? And if yes, why is not more life in this forum and in general around the subject RC?

It just scares me if I read posts from 2008 but we have 2019 now. 11 years later! I am asking about the relevance nowadays. Its not about me personally. Its about the subject RC --> Money making



I win…
Why is no life in the forum? The first moment you see maybe not all forum. And second - here is mine opinion - who wins that not very want to cry about that - usually, that do in silence…



vb is older than only 10 /15 years ago. its about 40/ 50 years ago. is not the same conditions. casinos changes and advantage player must to change too. is not the same count cards at bj in the sixties and count cards in 2019 . but the edge exist is real . playing with edge is not easy at all casino games. but you can have it or not is your desicion. is not easy because casinos dont like that nobody win with his rules this is the true. to casinos goes most of people that not play with advantage , lonely pleople, ludopaths, and more. but are people that win that is true, and no with systems and other things , they win applying advantage . it is easy ? no it is not easy it demand much time , knowledge, and practice , for all of advantages plays. if you want to buy a rc and you think that you will be rich with it without knowledge , and travel around the world in days mounths or maybe years and only you , beating casinos , that is not real . you can win yes but is a hard work to do it , not only to beat the game , the casinos dont like to loose .



Here is not card counting forum, roulette is slight different…



Just read it and take some fun this morning :rofl::rofl::rofl:
It’s the very very true :+1:



You cannot beat most of the wheels in casino today. You have to find older wheels, which is hard.



Very nice that you said that to us :slight_smile:
Maybe you can say something more about what we can and what we cannot?



4th visit with to a European casino with the FFV and made money again… I couldn’t get predictions anti-clockwise but the clockwise were spot on … stoped at 1900 units profit because the hardest part is to stay undetected…



In how many spins?



I was not betting every spin. The tables were busy and people were in my way and could not see the wheel clearly. The money I made within 5 spins( all clockwise. Anticlose wise got no predictions) Playing neighbors and putting chips where I could. I had a repeat which helped a lot. The conditions were good as no crazy scatter occurred.



Questionable, that means you would win 380 units per spin, of course that is possible but that means you must have the biggest luck in the world :slightly_smiling_face:



As with everything in life you need luck… neighbors by 10 euros and a few chips on the numbers sometimes :wink: