How is better to play?

How is better to play?

In a team or single.


1)Bigger Bank Roll (all members can join their Brs)
2)Share the time in obsearving the wheels (less work)
3)Better Camo in obsearving the wheels (CAMO)
4)Better Camo in placing bets (CAMO for more time in play without being noticed)
5)Better and Faster in placing bets (SPEED)
6)Faster time in obsearving thw wheels (LESS WORK and SPEED)
7)Team mental power and spirit (MOTIVE and STRENGTH)

So for me the ONLY way is with team…

Well, it depends.
For bias sure better a team. Can be very cumberstone because the edge is low, and is neccesary play big amounts of spins to get the edge. Also the speed of track and observations is faster.
Very important is the team mental and power spirit to play this mode as Viper says. You can loose 5 consecutives days.

For VB or FF, im not sure. Your partner has to be very involucrated. If you have a partner with good preparation then team, but if partner is not good can be very hard so play alone is best.

Having an edge is better to play in a team simultaneously if you can.

You need time for your edge to show and you need to play hours to cope with it.

i play alone with ffv r5a … and there are sometimes nessesary to correct some numbers in forward or reward (this is in teamplay maybe not so easy) also if somethings change in the play i can wait for few cups to check new. and if i am playing alone, i have alone the responsable to bet or not.
so for me is better to play alone.

before, some times i play with a friend with ffa earpeace. it works also but we stop more earlier with the winning, (because we must be 100% win) and also i feel sometimes another number if i clik with ffa and want to bett more bright but this is not possibele if you play together … because one time you play 7 numbers and the other time maybe little serie/orphelini , zerospiel … so this is only somethings what you can check self and this is many time important for to win (for me)

I think it depends on your personality type and other factors. But for me it is better to play alone, it can help me to stay more focused on a play and my actions. But i don’t say that team play is bad, it for sure has an advantage of bigger bankroll ( as it was said above) and with this bigger bankroll you can try to implement more different and sophisticated strategies and also discuss these strategies with members of your team.