How I started with roulette on the web and my challange

I have had my E2 roulette system and it decently worked under conditions at that time. One day I was looking how to make a web page, it was something new for me. I didn’t know what to write in there so I wrote about E2 system.

Long time after that few months or so, I first time come to some roulette forum. I said I have the system it works this way and showed them my web page It was free it only needed a timer $30. I remember the main comment was how it can work if you even don’t have real web page but it is on a free server. So it was a buuuuu.

I said; well pick the member who can test it and they did. I sent it to the member with explanation and he tested it on something as 300 spins. It showed about 30% advantage.

I also sent the theory to roulette systems reviews site and got a good review. At that time I did not know that it was Steven Hourmozes site. Of course as soon as I start questioning his roulette computer as how it can be accurate with only a single ball rotation clocked he changed the review (long story). I sent it to Laurance Scott as well and he is a decent guy.

I wish someone else can do the same. Did you ever see someone wants to prove it to members?

No it is only I have it, it is great it solves all problems just send me money.

From long time ago I made this challenge to anyone especially who sells roulette computes.
I really wish one day some decent person comes and do it.

Who wouldn’t want members as a potential customers? What is the excuse for anyone? Like I would care for sales so I would ban everyone. It is a nonsense. I mostly only supply roulette computers as a replacement or upgrade. I don’t make 50 web sites to convince people or to promote it. Also many members would follow the challenge waiting for results. How could I ban them all and prevent them from talking?

Who knows maybe one day someone really have something decent and want to promote it on a decent way. But then why would he have a need to promote it.

Am I just dreaming?

I was near from begining. Really first time i was registered in forum, but was very not active only few posts , but in that moment was main talks about E2 and about FFz on base of E2. I think that was about maybe even 15 years back… then i maybe foregoth mine nickname and password - i not good remember and few years maybe even not visited , now i read that i registered 10 years back, but really that was second time…


Were you at gamblers glen forum when Doker was testing E2.

Then I started forum and members voted to go for RC instead of E2.

For your account it says;
Jul 29, '08

but after upgrade not sure if it works OK because for me it says

Aug 8, '11

Dec 6, '05

Aug 11, '07

He is long time here, I remember he bought at same time Mark Howey roulette computer and FF.

But when was start of forum ? Gamblers glen was other.

I twice registered here and was between registrattions maybe more than 3 years. But i remember some situattions and think acordingly mine son that he was not born when i was first time in forum and son now is 16 years old…but such looks as too long…

Forum first was at site
who is says

So Mike come 4 months later.

I just was in VLS here write that i was registered 2008 december 30 but that is really wrong because that i know VLS was between first and second registering in myrulet and i for sure was here about year before i registered second time in myrulet…
But with datas here can be not all good, but looks that i first time registered in 2006 and second - here maybe can to be 2008. Only feeling is that such was minimum 3 years earlier…
I only remember that when registered second time thinked to create similar acount name as first and wanted write benediktus, but taped wrong N as B :slight_smile:

That name is not in users any more, I was always removing users if they were inactive for a year and if they were not in support .

But for me looks that with datas here is something not good , because i found some printings and in these times was writed exact time of printing and i have printing 2005.04 … bad that not from minerulet, but for me looks, that in that time forum was…

OMG everywhere I go now I am the oldest!

Recent survey on Forex forum for members age there I was the only one over 80!

Hope I am still on this forum when I am 90.

Cheers young boys