How do you know WHEN to press the spin button?

hello everyone ,i want to mention some points for some roulette systems and i want some advice too.First of all i want to ask the crucial ,for me ,question:WHEN do you press the spin button?

Ok you placed your bets on red or black for example but when do you press that button and HOW do you know WHEN to press it?
do you have a voice inside your head that says NOW or SPIN or do you bet and quickly with no stop you press it?because most roulette systems dont ask the when question.they only ask you for example to wait until something happened eg.a column hasnt come for 6 times and then you just bet and quickly spin.and how is that RNG software actually working?

because when i ask myself how do you know where to bet or when to press the spin button i get a picture of a word in my head and a voice that says black or red ,for example.But isnt the result always changing most of the time?that is what i get in my head if i keep asking where to bet and when to spin.the result is mostly changing except for sometimes.and it has a rythm of changing if i have bet on black i go to the spin button and wait for the picture of the word black in my head getting bigger than the word red.
all this i mention above have to do with NLP(Neuro-linguistic-programming).

so when you ask a question about roulette results you get internal pictures in the head ,voices or sounds and feelings or kinesthetic information.for example i tried doing this :i bet on black and imagining my hand trying to hold the 1 euro
mark with two fingers and waited to spin.when i got a solid touch of it thats when i pressed the spin button and mostly i won.if the touch i got wasnt of solid coin and it was kind of like something transparent and not touchable
like my 2 fingers touched themselves instead of touching the coin then i would not bet and try the other colour .if it happened again with the other coulour as well i would move to the next spin and do it all over again.
i did it for an hour and i got from 20 euros to 150 .

but then comes the question about the RNG software .how is it working ?
if you try visualising results before they happen you will get some interesting will find that there isnt only red or black for example results but RED OR BLACK OR NONE if not more.havent you ever felt when betting like you are trying to ,like, have to get 2 magnets connect with the same polls.(+ + eg) it never happens and i find the same happens a lot of times on the internet casinos roulette .that is when some kind of such a software kicks in and so in the LONG RUN you just keep losing .that is my opinion of course.

So when i reached 150 i felt like i described above for almost ALL spins so i lost the 150 quickly.It was like when i bet on red the result splipped to the other colour and when i bet on black again it slipped to the other colour.
thank you for reading all these if you have read it and mostly i am interested to know what do you think about it and if you have similar experiences .
Please tell me about the information you get (visual ,auditory and kinesthetic)before you bet, before you spin and before you actually won.
again thank you very much
i am looking forward to get some replies.

Mate after full stop you should start sentence with a capital letter other way this would be the best post. I corrected some then I gave up. For that field you better visit vlsroulette forum they talk about stuff like that.

By the way;
“NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a name that encompasses the three most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming. The neurological system regulates how our bodies function, language determines how we interface and communicate with other people and our programming determines the kinds of models of the world we create.”

So it has nothing to do with your vision of future. It is more for someone who is observing you to define are you losing or winning.