HOURMOUZIS found to be on Benefits through the courts

Hourmouzis was recently sued although Forester claimed it was a lie! Hourmouzis is trying to defend the action through his sites check out his latest addition to his wall of hate Vince Brandt… He was found to be on Centerlink benefits. have illegal company details and still be operating back at his parents home. He owns no car.
The whole court case can be purchased from VCAT.
Anyone buying a roulette computer that they are unhappy with in Australia can obtain their money back if it does not work, irrespective of what the seller claims he is selling with or without warranty.
This means that if you are not happy, they HAVE TO GIVE YOU A REFUND, its deemed as theft if it does not do what you wish it to do. any help with wishing to obtain a refund from a seller can contact the owner of the site listed above. .
Remember, always buy through PAYPAL and Ebay were you are protected . :smiley:

Read more at http://stevenhourmouzis.com/hourmouzis-successfully-sued-2013

you have to be very angry bro to this man ::slight_smile: