Hide and seek and camouflage bets

Hide and seek and camouflage bets.

  1. When we collect data “large samples” …
  2. When we observe for “conditions” …

I read and come across two AP that swear by RWD as they use as camouflage bet.
Could read that one other AP use a method from Pierre Basieux in the past to get time to pass.

I recon its a good idea to have some kind of camouflage bet that lose - but still less then we gain overall.

Hey hey hey LS!

Who said that our camouflage bets using RWD lose? And even the PB bets carefully placed can be profitable. ;D


I still do not know if camouflage bets win or lose since sometimes such bets make huge wins.


If they make “huge” wins then I do not call them camouflage bets which should only be minimum bet size. If you place a larger than minimum “camouflage” bet I prefer to think of them as “intuitive” bets and when you are a practiced and experienced VB player it’s marvellous how often your brain will tell you what the next number is going to be and usually very early after the ball release.