Hi all.
Ive already tried this some time ago but didnt work, so Ill give it another try.
Im a blackjack full time player and im very interested in learning roulette.
I have enough experience in ap to know not to buy those systems advertised on the web.
What im looking is for somebody to train me in vb or at least getting me started.
In return i can offer information on every casino i play at (south america, caribbean, africa, east europe and asia) and scouting.
Anybody interested in taking a young upcoming player under his wing?

Hi too, what is your Blackjack style of play ?

Only counting
counting , sh tr, sequenzing , are you firm in ace tracking ?
frontloading ?

What is your max bet at a true count of 5 or higher,
at how many spots ?

What bankroll a BJ fulltime player needs , specially when he
travels around the world, travelling is very expensiv.
What BJ book do you prefer , what is the most rare and expensiv book about BJ ?

What do you think , is the One2Six CSM beatable , has it any latency ?
Is London , UK a place for BJ AP’s .

Are you casuelly Don Johnson or BJTraveller ? :-*

What im looking is for somebody to train me in vb or at least getting me started.

I fear here is none, huuuuuuuuuuuuuh

A bit about the difficulty becoming a full time VB player without any other income.

What do you think how many fulltime Blackjack players are in the world ?
IMHO 40-60 maybe more .

How many activ Formula 1 driver in the races ?

And how many full time VB player , I know only a few , IMHO there are at most 10 in the world.
One of them ( he is now barred everywhere ) travelled many years all around the world
and he didn’t met any one.
exept in his home country and Switzerland 2 , one of them has problems with the new combis ,
some of the best are dead now.

the best E.H.

Thank you for reply.
I’ll start by saying that Im not BJTraveller.

My style of play is mainly STing.
Right now Im focusing on playing exclusively against very weak shuffles.
Im proficient at sequencing as well and have 5 stores with 1 riffle shuffles where Ill play a sequencing game (alternating of course with some tracking since its a one pass shuffle for cover purposes).
I reach my max bet at TC4 or higher and it will depend on the store’s limits and tolerance levels.
I have a 7 figure BR so I can play at any level.
How many hands I play it will also depend on many factors.
If im heads up and table limits are high Ill probably always stick to 1 hand, unless limits dont allow a big spread (100-1000) and need to spread to 2 in order to get more money out.
If theres other players of course I will always play 2 or 3 hands at + counts.

A player would be able IN THEORY to play with an advantage against a One2Six CSM taking advantage of the 16 card chute.
The advantage would be minimal and definetely not worth the time.

Never played western europe, but wouldnt dare play in London after all thats happening with casinos and aps.
Like I said in my OP, I play South America, Caribbean, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.

I dont intend to use VB as my main source of income.
I just want to learn.
And regardless of what it might look like, I dont intend to be spoon fed.
I just need to be pointed in the right direction and would do anything in my reach to return the favor.

My advice would be vb2. Everyone here will tell you though that you have to know the wheel layout cw and ccw by heart for placing bets quickly. You could play crossover patterns, traditional vb etc. I by far prefer vb2 which is a forester creation.

@ valensans , thanks for your detailed answer, my congrats ,
very,very professional.

Hope to meet you sometime and watch your play.


Thank you.
Can you tell me where I can download the documents?
Im trying http://myrulet.com/visual-prediction/detail.html but it doesnt seem to have a download link.

EH: It would be MY pleasure to play next to you some day my friend.

You have to ask Miro for access.

Im sorry but I dont know who miro is.
Should i send him an email? Contact him through this board?

;D Miro is forester, the site owner.

Thanks! :slight_smile: