Hi all

Hey. Im new to the forum so I guess Ill introduce myself first.
Im a professional blackjack player based in south america (english is not my native language so please bear with me).
Started playing 5 years ago and Im proficient at card counting, shuffle tracking and ace sequencing.
Ive also taken a few shots at caribbean stud through sorting and team play, but not doing that anymore.
So Im not new to advantage play nor the grudges that entales beating casinos at their own games.

Ive recently gain interest in roulette and was convinced by a friend that gaining an edge is possible without the use of computers.
But unlike blackjack, finding the right path when it comes to roulette doesnt seem to be easy.
At the very least I think Ive found the right forum.
Im hoping my participating in this forum will help me learn about the game.
However, I was hoping to meet a professional roulette player that could show me in the right direction and could help me get started.
What I can offer in exchange is detailed information and wheel scouting in MANY casinos in the entire world.
Im a full time professional and spend my life travelling the world playing blackjack, so I think I might be a valuable source of information.

Hello Valensans,

Some good links for you.


Welcome Valensans

You may also be interested in my own RWA Roulette strategy.

I would be interested if you can offer an explanation as to why it works on live tables all around the world and on all types of wheels with frets between the pockets and has produced similar results for almost fifty years!

Keep winning


I would be interested if you can offer an explanation as to why it works on live tables all around the world and on all types of wheels with frets between the pockets and has produced similar results for almost fifty years!

Mike i not believe that novice roulette player will answer to your questtion. But all your method have some relationships with bias play and especialy bias play method which i play. So i think that some mine minds can be interesting for other bias players.

Firstly i want to say that i think that fact, that number was not hitted in last 30 or more spins not do it more profitable over others. More profitable do other fact - especially way how ball land in pocket. Say if ball hits to diamond then fall stright down and rest in some pocket is one way and say ball hited to diamond then scatering over number tape quite longe distance and after that rest in some pocket is totaly other way and numbers which rest in pocket this way usually have more chances to be biased numbers. I think is easy to understand why.

Other moment is that you try to count gaps between hits. That is positive way , but you not must limit with hits which have gaps till 19 no hits. All gaps till 30-34 are positive gaps and we not afraid such. I also count gaps for every number but decissions from theese gaps counting i do really totally other than you.

If ball after hiting to diamond not jumps many over number tape is imposssible to make good decissions , because hited number depends on wheel possition in ball hiting moment, but if ball scatering far from hiting place - outcome is much less related to wheel posittion and more related to which number cach ball better than others.

The same efect is from which side ball come to pocket - say if ball come to pocket from outside it is not many related to all bias factors but if ball comes to pocket from inside part, or from number tape it is related to some bias factors. Explanattion to that is say on wheel tape are some breach and ball go through it - ball can very fast lost his speed and fall near to that place where it lost speed.

First of all… Wellcome valensans :smiley:
I have to agree with Bebedictus on his wiev of bias and conditions they are reveal themselves. Appiaring of numbers depends big time of kind of orbit ball makes after hitting diamond. For exemple, if ball just touching the top part of diamond or beating horisontal one, it has high probability to jump lot of pkets befor resting. So bias of pokets would reveal themselfs more. On the other situation, if ball takes low part of diamond, it goes directly to the number below and stay there or jump high out. The angle of jump would depend of fisical shape of the poket between other things. So we should account for all situations and study the wheel till we know its behavior, befor attempting play.
Mike, probably you will be curios to know, its a bit ageinst Hot Gold rools, but l played autowheel with it and it worked!!! However till today l dont understend why.

Bravo Mike;

Thanks for sharing your system with us! I was already asking Miro if he knows anything about it and if you would not post it so far, then I would definitely ask you in next days to tell us some more about it :wink:

Maybe I will still write to you regards distance way of playing roulette :wink:

Thank you all for the warm welcome and the resources.
Great to be here :slight_smile:

Welcome Valensans, It is good to see you here, I am sure you will find all the information here very useful.

Hi, Mike; Thanks your for some insight about your RWD system, it certainly helps. More is appricated.

Mike I read the pdf and I think it’s seems a system similar to those sold by SH.
Explains why it should work please.


If he is selling it then he has stolen it from me which wouldn’t surprise. I have been using it for almost 50 years and obtained it directly from RWD.

We have no proof of reasons why it does work but I have a couple of theories.

Perhaps it is to do with the transfer of temperature from the dealers fingers onto the frets?

Keep winning


Gigino, Mikes thing works, l confirmed it :D. But l dont know HOW :-\

Wondering how many trigger points you have in one evening?

Forester & Co

I usually get about three or four qualifying numbers in every one hour session but these days I can only maintain concentration using VB at the same time for a maximum of two hours.


OK Mike.Only because you are and that you tell me that you have tried this system for 50 years and that it works I will start me studying it.
Thanks for the sharing.

@ Mike, is your email at forum ok, got an error.

Yes email is correct but web sit URL is now obsolete

hello and welcome to forum

during my 50 plus years of playing in Casino's all around the world

not bad but just for curiousity how old are you mike, friend? I guess minimum 18 when start playing in casinos plus 50 years of playing are 68 years old minimum you’re, my respects of you oldster but maybe it will be better you to share with us the “long-life” formula if you don’t mind :wink:

best regards.

:o What do you mean? Longlife formula = FF. Simple! ;D

Just added a post about FFZ for long healthy life.