Help with an antique Roulette Table!

Can anyone help me with this. I have the opportunity to purchase this table, but I’d like to know more about it. For one, is there any way to date the table? Secondly, how would I go about restoring this? Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks!

Why would you buy a table without a wheel?
And it looks pretty old my friend.


The price was right my friend. And I can always find a wheel to add to it.

How do you place a value on tables this old? Can anyone provide me with a little experienced help?

It appears it’s a Mason & Co. from Chicago Illinois, but I can’t find anything about when these tables were actually made. Can anyone offer any help?

I think you can just buy some wood and build one yourself. the numbers are just with a carpet on the table.
I shouldnt spend more then 150$ on such an old table.

That’s like saying the wheels are just rounded wood. Anyone else have a serious response?

What is the big deal, a roulette table is what it is …
Different do if you are going to get a wheel, and it is expensive to get one with casino quality …