Help me to make a roulette survey

I would like to make a survey mostly about FF roulette computers but and some other questions will be included.

It will be run at independent site only by FF owners.

I attached draft XL file which I did in 30 min
If someone is experienced and has some knowledge or ideas, please read it,
add some more questions or alternate in red colour what you believe should be corrected.

Forward it back by email to [email protected]

When it is done I will send PM to all FF users on which web site to do the survey.
If it is done properly I hope it will show us better picture of advantage play.

Survey3.xls (37.9 KB)

Survey of about 42 questions with multiple answers is here;,1005.0.html
It is anonymous, it is there for all FF computer users, to get more idea how where and what is used to win at roulette.
Questions cover FF roulette computers, visual predictions, and other roulette computers; win losses, conditions in your casinos and much more.

Please do it as soon as you can.