Help for floods in Bosnia Croatia and Serbia

Dear friends,

As you were probably aware there were catastrophic floods in Bosnia Croatia and Serbia,

I am going to donate to Croatian red cross some money, and if you want to join me your even small donation as $10+ will be much appreciated. If you are just member here your donation will give you an access to forums VB2 section as well. If you purchase any of systems until end of the month I will donate 50% of money for help.
Please only small donations here, if someone wants to donate more use organisations as Red Cross in your country.
Thanks in advance, Forester

Lost images, removed

Ramiz Skopljak (65) in the vicinity of Zenica was left without a house that was razed to the ground due to landslides. He said that natural disasters worse than war

Just a few minutes from the start of landslides caused by heavy rains in BiH Ramiz Skopljak from around Zenica lost his home, the second time in his life.the first time he had 47 years ago when his house was destroyed in the war found him in Topčić field, so that had to start from scratch.

Now Ramiz has 65 years, and even if you could find a paper that is buried in the mud, which proves that the owner of the land, it would not help him. Because this is the land where his house was gone, along with the hill on which it stood.

  • This is worse than war – said broken Ramiz.

His family had to flee from his home in Topčić Field, when rain started, which caused flooding and landslides. Nobody from his household, and there are eight of them, did not have time to take your wallet, personal documents, or mobile phone. Now they have nothing.

He says he does not know exactly how many houses engulfed the country after a landslide triggered, but would be surprised if that 30 percent of the 1,430 residents Topčić field is still able to live here.
More than 2,000 marked a landslide in the last few days in BiH , which together with Serbia struggles with the worst floods in Southeast Europe in the last 120 years.

Skopljak says that the only good thing now is that unknown people offering their help . A woman in a neighboring town has pulled his wife’s sleeve on the street and offered them shelter in the ground floor of her house. He still does not know what her name is.
While walking on the black sludge that he was up to his ankles, Skopljak about finding parts of his home.

  • I think this is my sheet. That right there is what’s left of my TV - shows Ramiz things you recognize.

Ramiz Skopljak eyes filled with tears. As he passed through the village, he saw it was a childhood friend Salim Klobodanović who ran out of their houses destroyed.

Salim took Ramiz hand and led him to the site of his home, which was picked up by the mud.

  • Ramiz, listen to me. We’ll build it here. , you and I, Ramiz. Together. I inherited this piece of land from my father. Count that as of this moment is your land - Salim told him that he raised his head, and kicked the ground.


We were flooded about 50 years ago with the river level reaching the top of our windows and we still remember the mess, the smells and the feeling of devastation. But we also experienced the kindness of neighbours and unknown people.

I have sent a donation through your link here and please tell any family and friends you still have over there that our thoughts and prayers are with them always.

Best regards and thanks for your organising efforts


Thanks Mike I really appreciate it. I was a bit unsecure should I mix it with forum, don’t like to bother people with problems and I am not authorized to collect donations. But then I thought why not if I don’t do it hardly anybody for small amounts will look where to send. I will wait until the end of months then pay in.
Things getting better over there, water level start dropping.

People where I lived and knew every person managed to secure levee down the river (which was soaked in water and leaking) with sand bags, but a bit more on east is a disaster.

This is them working days and night.
On the other side is 500m wide river Sava.

Wait for me also plssssss! I will make the donate at 3th or 4th of May because I’m on the way now and don’t have any card with me, please wait for me till then!!

I feel responsible to inform everyone about donations.

This is a list of donations with dates.

22-May-14 20 23-May-14 10 23-May-14 60 24-May-14 50 24-May-14 15 2-Jun-14 20 4-Jun-14 10 Forester 115 Total 300

According to some information Red Cross in Croatia collected too much money.
Croatia even sent significant help for floods in Bosnia and Serbia.

Here is also attached images of 2 transactions I made to red cross.
Some people asked me how to donate directly.

Thank you everybody.