Hello everyone

Hello everyone… New here.

I have always said that in these forums you will always find brilliant minds, and I see that here is no exception.

I am an advantage player in other casino games, mainly blackjack, but until a while ago I became interested in roulette again, after watching a friend play who is also an advantage player and who after studying a particular automatic roulettes has figured out how to take advantage of all these AR.

That’s why I’ve been trying to find Lawrence Scott’s books or any other, but I haven’t had any luck, I can’t find them anywhere. I have read here that they are not very good books.

I am extremely interested in visual ballistics, and if it can actually be applied to an automatic roulette wheel (I have seen that it can be applied) I need someone to tell me where to start.

Obviously I have many questions, but I will start with the main one: Is it possible to take advantage of automatic roulette? I have seen only one player with an advantage and he has achieved it.

I would like you to tell me which library is the best to start in this exciting game.

Thanks in advance.


Those books are not like blackjack books where you can just follow the book and it will gurantee you winning. Different roulette players has his own approach of playing and use different systems/data taking method. There is no one size fit all solution to roulette as every wheel is different. It is not like blackjack where you find a shoe game and you can instantly start playing.

It is also not easy as it seems thats why you friend probably wont teach you. It is a bit like an A star student seems to get good grades easily but in fact he had been studying a lot at home but he didn’t tell you!

The authors of those roulette books also intentionally spread wrong stuff (you have to figure out yourself which stuff are correct) to probably avoid casino and wheel manufactuers to change the wheel.

I am not going to go into the details of exactly how to beat automatic roulette wheels but i have seen countermeasurers from casinos including lowering the maximum bet so they must have known already. They have also changed the visibility of the middle part of the wheel so it takes quite a bit of effort to spot a bias wheel.

With the knowledge of beating a live dealer wheel, you should be able to beat an automatic roulette using visual ballistic, dealer signature and exploting bias wheels.

Visual ballistic can easily be countered by casinos nowadays. There are also a lot of blackjack players switching to roulette as there more csm especially 4th or 5th gen.