Have anyone tried this system?

Have anyone tried this system Roulette System


sorry but were not to kean on systems here

but try this www.vlsroulette.com

lol what a contradiction of terms that was,owner of the forum has been jailed for internet fraud,so becarefull of him too,but most of the members are keen on systems so youll get all the suport you need


i like some points this guy explains about Stefano

he become object of public jokes.
The latest one is

How did convict for fraud and lying survived jail?
…he was lying to have a pusssy…nobody cared…hole is a hole

yea vls is good for systems
but then again which system is good, i know only for Spike’s ;D

VLS is great for systems,
there are actually a few winning systems in there, and, they use progressions that hit hard,
there was the system that Lanky & Victor played- the LWs- that he won money consistantly on too.
as for spikes has he even published it? but as for players that win with systems they are pretty minimal, there woud be more VB winners…obviously
from Jish
VLS moderator ;D

Before then VLS started, victor come to GG forum with WWLLWWLWLW idea.
He was challenged and given series of numbers to apply his WL principles. On each combination on numbers he had to modify his approach, to get positive result. He was nice guy and never got offended he believed in his idea and started VLS forum.

Many people followed him.

After few years Victor decided to gave up and rest you know.
I am not sure if it is winning system since on the end even he admitted it didn’t work.

"but as for players that win with systems they are pretty minimal"

How that can be?

95% would be system players

It’s legitimate it if it works it can’t be stopped by conditions and conditions for math systems are everywhere. If someone has a winning system it would have unlimited potential. Casinos would be shaking.

But also don’t believe everything you hear about VB players.

sorry i mean players that win long term with system would be a better way to put it

No player can win in long term with systems based on maths and posibilities