Happy Christmas & Prosperous 2023

Happy Christmas & Prosperous 2023 to all players and it will be interesting to see how the Australian Casino’s react to the massive fines being imposed on them.

Star $100 million fine must be used to reduce gambling harm

Both Star & Crown Casino groups look like being liable for 100 million or more.

Merry X-mas ,

May the ball roll well for everyone in the new year

Happy New Year and new winnings for all players! :evergreen_tree: :grin:

No new update to system? VB2 still seems more usable. We did try though. I think it’s time we give up on FF. happy new year.

Guys, I still think that you use maybe 20% of the possibilities from the program. So to early for give up :slight_smile:

How to unlock other 80%?

Not need to unlock, need to understand how to use it, that will be enough :slight_smile: