HACKERSHOMEPAGE.COM - Roulette computer for $5000 I think its crap

Hey guys,

Don’t want to give a wrong impression of what I know. I’m not a Roulette newbie and I practice VB.
I firmly believe Forester’s computer to be the best.

Although, I did come across this awhile back that I forgot about. Just wanna hear the thoughts.

P.s, I am not too in-the-know about the “competitors” I know about SH but not too much about MH. This could be one of his… Or it could be something totally… speak your mind lol


I contacted him about the online poker exploit (It sounded interesting), he sent me this email as a reply.


I was wondering if you had any updates regarding the online poker hardware?



Sorry for this very late reply. We had email problems and have just discovered a bunch of emails that were unanswered.
The online poker system should be available by April or May 2011. It is an expensive piece of equipment to manufacture. We are not sure what price we will be charging, most likely, $2,000.00 to $3,000.00 . We will email you when it is ready.

We also offer a roulette device, it is the same device that was used by the people in this article, http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article399673.ece .

This is only for serious gamblers. We had to stop advertising it because of pressures beyond our control. Download this video for more details, http://rapidshare.com/files/423894451/roulette_phone.avi .

The Roulette Computer comes with the following:
1 mobile phone loaded with 2 different programs, Roulette program( Works on roulette wheels Worldwide) and Blackjack Card Counting program
1 transmitter Loop
1 Micro receiver Hearing aid (The software from the phone transmits to the hearing aid receiver telling you what number to play on the wheel. It is so small that it fits inside your ear without it being seen.)
1 remote switch
Complete Written Instructions
Complete Video Instructions

Price is $5,000.00

We will be selling this item to a very limited amount of people based on unique geographic territories in order to protect the purchasers investment. Once a geographic territory is taken, we will not sell to another person in that location. It is first come first served, however, we will not sell it to just anyone, you must prove to be a responsible person before we will consider selling it to you.

We always test before we ship. We can ship this within a week of receiving your payment. This is not a stock item, we build them as a custom project.

Best Regards,


I believe it’s all a crock of shit (pardon the language) but it’s really the only way I can express :stuck_out_tongue:


We also offer a roulette device, it is the same device that was used by the people in this article, http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/article399673.ece .[/td]

Ouch, I do not know why everybody refers that Ritz team used their computer.
Stefano did same until I come across some people in Croatia and talked with them.

Same was with Mark; Jafco only refers to it as an example. Now these hackers.
(Guys form Ritz team is Serbian nationality living in Croatia)
I assume they believe it looks more convincing.

I downloaded video they advertised at their side.
It is actually Barnett’s video, about roulette computers. I do not know if it has anything to do with him but I doubt it. I’ll make a link to video; I hope it will not upset him.
Last time when I did it, to one of his videos he pulled my ear.
It is well explained basics of tilted wheel prediction with roulette computer.

What is missing in basic set?
For example when he formats the time frame let’s say 1200-1400.
What if 1200-1300ms ball makes 6 rotations to the end and 1300-1400ms makes 5 rotations.
Ball traveling time for rotor calculation will be different.

From video I can see that he can get informed about time within his time frame, but that still doesn’t let him define full window with and perfect position. Also with each ball time he doesn’t get remaining ball traveling time. A player can’t go to toilet after each spin to check all data. Sure after some playing around, he can adjust for better.

I do not know if at hacker’s page is Barnett’s RC for sale, but I know that his RC would reasonably work and he never made stupid claims as some others.

FFA with Viper can much easier and more precisely adjust to target only ball with specific time per rotation. Also it can predict in different moments during the spin, and have multiple predications.

For me is interesting that nobody else demonstrated their computer can play clock way and antilock way ball direction. I know that Stefano’s computer couldn’t do it, (still he called it the best) he claimed he made it but never really showed. On none of videos he made I couldn’t see that he really has CW and ACW.

you must prove to be a responsible person before we will consider selling it to you

LOL, sure sure.

The video was very nicely made…
But the Time envelope of the ball lap is sooooooooooooooooo wrong !!!

Its not us that we must set a time envelope BUT the ball laps their self…other wise we will not be accurate.

And this is what the VIPER system provides !!!

Exactly, only your way can precisely define it.

Thanx 8)

Yea there is definitely some sketchy parts. Some of it makes sense I would admit.

But if you actually check out the site and see other things… like a 804c slot jackpotter.
sells this thing for $300 bucks or whatever then says you can make thousands in a night.