Greetings in 2015

Hello all!
I just wanted to check in as I have been inactive for quite some time. Over the last few years, I have been going through a lot of life changes in my personal life and I am finally coming out of things in a very different place than I am used to. I have finally found a great career and am starting to move in a few more positive directions. I haven’t touched a roulette wheel in quite a while, but I am starting to feel that itch again (Some might call it a sickness! lol).
For those of you who have been trying to keep in touch and I haven’t replied to, I don’t want you to think I have been intentionally ignoring you. A demanding career, being a single dad, and trying to keep a new girlfriend happy, demands quite a bit of time. I am still trying to find a balance and streamline a few things, but it has not been easy. I do miss a lot of you guys and would like to get back into the mix with a few things again this year. I wish I could say I have found some great information to share, but I just haven’t. Hopefully, all of you guys have been developing your skills and have been doing quite well for yourselves.
Hopefully 2015 will allow me a little more time to try keep in touch and share a few new things.

  • DJ

Hello Dave , welcome back and thanks for sharing your life experience …