Getting ready for the battle :)

Hi hope everyone is doing well , in couple of hr I ll be in locsl casino I visit the most , investigated on table that has 2 unit minum ,

Ball jumps anaylsis is done , so time to see if its profitable table

My starting balance would be 500unit

Might be sily but targeting 5,000unit if possible

I ll leave the review once I comeback

All the best !

Take care mate.

Good luck lemon

Haha what happend , is A5 going well ?


Yeap ,

Getting ready on my way to casino ,

Did not sleep enough , hopfully would concentrate well, or maybe ff would do all the job for me :wink:

Did you upload the Acrobat 5?

Not yet , I wasnt very sure about the setup ,

That sentence confused me.

I meant that if you were stressed with acrobat 5

Okay session ended ,

The wheel were predictable however , ironically when ever i placed bet the jump goes random bery annoying , think should take a break and wait for the acrobat 5 to stablise

Practice at home on videos, before you lose money!

Welcome to the roulette world.

Haha was pretty disapointed at the fact that I PM you another day about the wheel i played before with good winning , new wheels always hard :((

Maybe the casino was cheating? Remember the casino is there for business. They have to make money somehow. Obviously there is no one there all the time to overlook the game. So we don’t know if the casino is cheating. Magnets and with current technology its easy for a casino to cheat. I know the casinos are evaluated by the authority but they can easily remove the magnet…

That’s nonsense!
There is no need for a casino to cheat because of the house edgee, it has already an advantage. Magnets etc. is not possible (I know there is a video on YouTube, but tthat is a bullshit), because everybody could see it easily, sooner or later.

It looks as a light weight ball but from spins I looked it mostly jumps 16-25 pockets.

7:28 was funny escape from number 6 but there was no bets on 6.

its clearly magnet I think. Someone had a pile of chips on the orphelins section on the racetrack, and someone was betting on the lower numbers.

The ball clearly landed on 6 but magically bounced out