German Speaking Members & Pierre Basieux knowledge!

I wonder if someone read the following books by Pierre Basieux.

Are there any good parts or chapters in the books that I can translate.
If not, then I can buy another book if you can suggest a good part of the book that would have value for the . one or two chapters or the whole book.


If you want to be private you can pm


Not sure about the first, but the other two I read. At the same, I read a few more of his books. But it pitty I do not think that they have some practical value nowadays.

Regards Pierre - was such a personage Kelly, who very promoted Basieux’s books, then he disappeared and disappeared when Basieux become ill…can be such that Kelly and Basieux were one person? Or some other relationship between them?

Sounds like a mystery, man! The first one’s a bit fuzzy, but you caught the other two from Basieux. The Pierre-Kelly-Basieux plot thickens – could be some sneaky connection or just a wild twist in the poker book saga!

I talked directly with Basieux and not once. Impression what I did about him - he was not a player - more theoretic. Kelly also was a person whom nobody knew personally, so he was more like a nickname, which can hide any person…
If nobody knows him personally then we will not know who he was in reality…