Genuine Steve is at it again

Our old mate has a new interest? Maybe his roulette scams failed?


In a previous email, I mentioned I would explain alternate ways for you to achieve financial independence. After all, you want to beat roulette to make money. But it’s freedom you want, not the money itself, right?

If you are tired of the constant grind to make money and are looking for a way to achieve freedom to live “your way”, then visit this site:

Is that for real :o

Only is missing that he will teach them and roulette so they can live at any place they want.
It is interesting if you click on about us page, Steve writes Mathew Hensley is a founder . He knows if he puts his real name there everyone will find about his scam. There is no real name there is no address or phone number. I Googled for Mathew Hensley Byron Bay, and there is no results. As expected the page doesn’t provide any real information.