GENUINE CUSTOMER REVIEW of Stefanos about stefanos roulette computer

Hi folks

Thought you might like this snippet of information, Bago( Tony) purchased Stefanos roulette computer, has had it 8 months and has not made a penny with it, had nothing but problems and wants a refund. In the meantime, Stefano is going crazy, needs time to get a refund together, but is stalling for time and panicing because Bago threatened him with informing me that the system does not work and that he would go to the authorities. I have seen it working at Prof Johansens home anyway, so i know what a load of crap Stefanos mobile phone computer actually is.

Stefano also does not declare export tax correctly, this is an offence in australia, luckily I see the majority of my customers in person, so i do not have the same problem that stefano has selling over the net!

So, you might all be interested in seeing the updated documents, stefanos complaint to Stefan ohimself through email.

i will have some more players of Stefanos computer coming forward shortly with more evidence.

Go to and then to competiitors to see the documents, you will find them highly amusing!

Stefano will be going to prison now, thats for sure… …



Mark . .

That is strange because Bago was defending Stefano’s computer and made me lot of trouble. However it was surprising when on GG he advertised hearing aid for sale.

I would never say single word if Stefano’s computer has any prediction, but it really does not. This man starts to be mad, look how many additional pages he created to promote his computer. sick one

On the end it is not bad, now I took his chart with 3 computers compared and did proper explanation. He did half of work for me. When I finish it I will add it to my web site.

By the way did you notice that he removed all links to my site even from RSR. I added even his latest crap sites about me so everybody can read his stupidity.

[glow=red,2,300]Chicken [/glow] :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It has been obvious to me that he had “something” from Stefano for the last, well yeah, 8 months. I showed him a pic of a prediction scheme i did on one of Stefanos demo download and the pic went straight to Stefano. Stefano didn`t believe, it could be so good so i must be a fraud. Shortly after that, Bago started a rampage against me on GG.

I tried to explain to Bago that i was just testing an alternative approach to VB with an earlyer bet placement and that it was done on 50 spins that i had seen before and knew the ratio of the strike diamonds up front.

I have no idea how it would have went on 50 new spins from the same wheel. Basicly that was beside the point, i was not trying to discriminate Stefanos wheel or Bago, just playing around with the new approach. Stefanos demo was just a part of a 900 spin test sample i did with the new approach. There is a huge difference in predicting 50 spins you have seen before, basing the prediction on a fixed drop zone, and predicting 50 spins with an asumed drop zone.

The new approach relys on a known drop zone and allows bets pretty early in the spin, where i with the old approach was able to predict different drop zones as the ball decelleration developed in the spin. The flip side of the coin was that i needed NMB in the 2nd or 3rd last ball rev. So i got 1 approach where NMB is called late and one for early NMB.

I will still maintain, that Stefanos wheel are much more predictble than for example the Klaus Kies wheel, i got 600 spins from.

But i guess Bagos support towards Stefano is over now.

Yes, Stefano’s wheel is ok for prediction. I don’t understand what with 50 spins test can be unbelievable.
Bob Gordon’s wheel isn’t very good and real advantage only is possible with late prediction. On his wheel if ball speed is measured 10 sec to end the ball with same measured speed may travel up to 1.5 revolutions different.

Why don’t you show us results? You can now easy attach files, just click additional option, make it not wider then 500 px and not larger then 200kb

What do you mean with fixed drop zone and aceumed drop zone?
How can you have known drop zone on leveled wheel?

Perhaps Bago got what he deserves.
If you planting pumpkins with devil on the end they all get smashed on your head.

Asuming a drop zone is of course only possible if there is a known drop zone. Happens all the time. Look at Marks video. The ball drops from all sides, still, there is a dominant drop zone.

Here is the pic from predicting on Stefanos downloads, 155 spins. Predicting around 9-10 seconds out:

I Haven`t seen Bob Gordons dvd but i guess its the same problem as in Monaco. The ball will travel “forever” after a known exit point. Although you can place bets down to literally the last ball revoloution, i is still hard to tell WHICH is the last ball revoloution.

The graph looks good, especially if prediction is done 10 sec to end.

What I do not understand is how you can use known drop zone on Stefano’s wheel.

If not how could you get such result.

Once by mistake I activated tilt system and played few hours on leveled wheel.
It was very good night. ;D

If you want Bobs DVD’s I can send you few as present. I do not use them any more.

Hi All

As Kelly rightly points out, if there is a dominant drop point on a wheel, like the graph above, its easier to deploy a VB approach. The dominant point muct have enough weight to overcome inaccuracies using VB in order to negate an edge.

The video that Stefano uses is also a scam, I have waited to see if anyone spots it like I did in his genuinewinner footage at

And although the wheel in my footage in as near level as damm it, there is actually around 200 spins in total, not just 60 spins, there is still a slight dominant area.

Perfectly level wheels are extremely rare.

It may also interest some of you to know that Bago contacted me after looking at the fraudulent footage of Stefanos presented at and realising that the other program that allows bets before the ball is released is also a con.

Stefano is now struggling to get the funds together to pay Bago and needs a few days and has threatened him with all kinds of nasties because Bago states he will go to me and the authorites.

To late for Stefano.

It may be also worth noting that Stefano has not declared his export Tax on his sales, naughty, thats a stretch in prison in australia, very serious offence!

Oh well, life goes on!

I was thinking about us all clubbing together to send Stefano some fruit in prison, poisoned of coarse :wink:

Forester, that is exactly what happens when you watch some spin and take some timings and notes on the scatter lenght.

You get a feeling for a spin you have seen before. No tampering at all, pure prediction, but mind you, you have seen the spin before and somehow, the predictions just get better from session to session.

What i did and what i always do, is when i get my exit point for example 9.25 secs. out, there are mostly 3 possibilitys.

The ball exit point is either:

  1. Too fast = add x pockets to initial prediction
  2. Spot on = stick to prediction
  3. Too slow = deduct x pockets to initial prediction

Now, depending on which diamond the “spot on” prediction leads to also tells me how much to deduct/add to the prediction based on previous scatter notes.

Yeah i might take you up on that offer, although i hardly uses dvd`s anymore. I got enough on my plate with the Cammeghs at the moment

So you’ve got those results when you applied tilt approach.

You should try same on BG spins, even he calls it leveled wheel, the wheel is more tilted then Stefano’s.

1. Too fast = add x pockets to initial prediction 2. Spot on = stick to prediction 3. Too slow = deduct x pockets to initial prediction

That is a beauty of VB and manual observation.
With computer all information is inside computer so you really can’t manipulate it.

Mark, When Stefano opens his mouth he is lying, but he does it so smooth.
I tried to negotiate with him, my goal was only to get 50% refund for few of his phones and few of his paper systems with additional condition that he apologies to me for calling me liar, because I said that his phone is starting as tic tac toe game. First he start from perspective that I am guessing about his phones and that I only have second hand information. When I explained him he tried to make friendship on bases that both of us are migrants in Australia (wogs, Australian slang) and that we should help each other. When that did not work he sent me last email how to all of those people he explained his computer better, how they are happy now and buying his $30 000 system. Let’s not talk about him any more.

A little bird told me that automated wheel in Europe was badly hit by team of people.


Has any more information come up about a team hitting an automated wheel? Any idea where it Europe it was or what kind of wheel they were playing?

Just curious…



I’ll try to get some more information.


May I ask where did you hear about big win on the authomated table???


Franki, it is definitely reliable information, but I still did not talk with him to find out more. He is close to you in Europe, but winning has nothing to do with him therefore I think he would not know much or how exactly it was done.
Maybe someone modified rotor speed changes so it can be predictable.

Servus Miro

Now I see that you first mentioned a big win. I hope that this happened in my country so there would be one casino less. But I very much doubt because bastards updated these machines with a new programs, so they became extremly precise. I heard many times rumours about how players covered all numbers except one and the ball hit exactly that uncovered number. To one player happened this 4 times in a row. Now I believe this too because I did the same test about 3 weeks ago and damn ball hit exactly the number which was not covered.
To be fair, this does not happen all the time because sometimes you can win too :-)) I think that the computer exactly know how much money you inserted into the slot pocket and how much you won or lost in every spin. Interesting is this, no matter if the table is full of players or not, on the beginning you win some money but after 20-30 spins it looks that the computer knows what you play, so it will start to play against you for a while (enough that you lose all bankroll, if you continue play). These wins/losses comes in cycles.

Here we have a machines with 0,1 or 0,25 or 0,5 EUR as minimal bet per number (and maximum can be 100 units per number). These machines are easy to play, specially for VB players because you can play “zero play” or “small serie” only to press one button, and even more interesting, you can play X-1-1 or X-2-2, or X-3-3 only to press one button and all this up to NMB which can be called on some tables in 17th ball revolution.
BUT guys you still can lose!!! I saw so many times that the ball hit my sector or even slow down above my sector but then still got some power and moved on. So guys, I seriously think that the best way to play on such a machines is to play all numbers.

By the way, I saw players winning up to 50.000 units in one or two hours of play, so I am very much curious how much was that big win.

So guys, I seriously think that the best way to play on such a machines is to play all numbers.

I like that one :slight_smile:

Last night we had talk, it looks as he is not happy providing any information.
It may be my mistake, because sometimes I talk to much.
He also asked me to not sell my device to anybody close, if I want he say he will buy as many as I want to sell.

Stefano blocked phone of one kid that really never talked with me.
I received only second hand information about him and asked Stefano if he is genuine as he claims to be to offer and to this guy refund. Stefano insisted to get names of all 6 owners of his phone. But refused to refund any and to guy that I mantion stopped supplying codes needed to activate phone after every 20 hours of play.

It is not big damage because what is the point having his codes if phone is useless in prediction. Damage was done when he bought the phone.