From Cammegh website - Mercury 360 RRS new wheel

In 200 years, the basic game of roulette has not changed; however with the advances in mobile hand held technology, there is a growing threat to the traditional live game. The Mercury 360 RRS (Random Rotor Speed) is an innovation to counter this.

There have been a number of high profile cases of ‘advantage play’, whereby players using mobile handheld electronic devises ‘clock’ the ball and rotor speeds to predict either the winning or losing sectors of a roulette wheel, thus obtaining a significant advantage over the house.

To address this potential security risk, the Random Rotor Speed (RRS) feature, also used in our automatic wheel; Slingshot 2, randomly changes the speed of the rotor during the game, thus changing one of the variables the electronic devices use to predict the game outcome.

The patented RRS innovation is designed specifically for the On-Line Gaming sector where a growing number of on-line casinos are using live roulette wheels with live video feeds of the game. Unsupervised on-line players are free to use whatever electronic devises they may have to predict the outcome of the game. To counter this, on-line casinos often call ‘no more bets’ at ball launch, cutting into their productivity. With RRS running, they are free to call ‘no more bets’ at the normal time, thus increasing the number of bets received during a game and in turn dramatically improving productivity – in the case of our customer, Evolution Gaming, by 20%.

We talked about it 5 years ago, then once more somewhere on forum.

I found the post from 5 years ago;,125.msg2014.html#msg2014

Sorry, I thought it was a product of last generation.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen something like that in a casino.
Variations in rotor speed can be seen easily, such as happens on some automatic wheels.

I can’t wait to see one of these pop up in a B&M casino! Boy the scene I am going to make! “Where’s the switch! What button did you push! This game is rigged! AHHHHHH!”

Hehehehe… Exactly. It will cause a riot!

I’m saying the people you see onscreen are real and are in the casino. I’m saying the roulette wheel pictured at the casino may not be the wheel (internet bettors) are playing on. You assume it is, but the actual wheel could be elsewhere and being manipulated.

I have a problem with the automatic machines that have been around in a real casino for a while.

If the rotor can change speed while the ball is still spinning; the wheel can be programmed to slow or speed-up to allow the ball to fall in a general location the software wants.

I contacted one of the manufacturers of such machines and asked this very question; and got NO REPLY.

I think I’ll pose the issue to my local gaming commission - especially since they have been fighting proof of fraud recently with other gaming products!

Yes, it is true, many airball machines now change rotor speed during a spin. For example, if you bet strong one area (let say zero play), then a rotor will speed up or slow down so that a ball will hit small serie, so 180 degrees of what you played strong.
Casinos are cheating with these shity machines!!!

Aren’t airball machines considered slot machines? I know they are over here in Canada. Why are you so convinced that it has the same house edge as table roulette? I’m rather dubious.

Hi, Davey. I am not sure airball is considered a slot in all places around the world. Another point is, this technology is also present in the manually spun wheels. Combined with the wheel reader and rfid it is fully capable of altering the house edge on a traditional looking game of roulette.

Some may say they will cause a stir if the wheel speed changes, but as it is not perceptable to the human eye, all you would really be doing is alerting the casino you either have a timer, or innate ability to time the wheel, for what reason we can only guess!? What I do not get is this, say you have a roulette wheel making tens of thousands per month then introduce this technology, surely it will only breed non confidence in the punter who many already think the game is rigged? Cammegh say it increases turnover as you can allow late bets, upto 20%, so thats an extra 20% on the house edge of 2.7% provided the game has not been rigged using this new tech. But now, if we add in the punter who knows this wheel is rigged, further more, say they know the wheel across the road is not rigged in this manner, which wheel would have the biggest take? How is this extra 20% on 2.7% calculated if the wheel has the potential to lose the casino custom?

It maybe a better approach to find out, if asked, do the casino have to disclose the wheel being used and its capabilites? If the answer is yes, then discretely leaflet drop, lol, or get the word out to the customers, if fully aware and given a choice, the casino could have more to lose then a 20% increase on the HE of 2.7%. Just the fact this tech has been made to be disscreet could raise some eyebrows.

Primarily advertised for use in online gaming, it is also being touted as allowing the punter to go from the B&M casino and still play the same wheel from home under the same conditions. If the law pertains to its use then it could be to much of a temptation for the casinos to resist, however if the outcome is potentially fatal, it could also be to much of a risk to partake! Personally I would have made the rotor speed change visable, this way it could not be said anything was being hidden and with the potential of being underhanded, until the wheel reader and rfid chips are explained to the average punter atleast.

Truly random is possible? I doubt that