From 80 to 2200 units in 60 minutes

Roulette is strange game which could have huge deviations.
As I wrote earlier about winning 2200 units in 60 minutes is possible only with some luck. My estimation is that 50% was just luck.

Playing at same wheel next time may produce only few hundred units or even create losses. In usual in 2-3 hours with reasonable conditions it produces 500-1000 units. So at that particular case there was lot of luck which encouraged placing more units per spin and getting higher returns.

For that hour the ball almost every time have had identical jump across the rotor, even when it turned to roller, more often it stopped on covered sector.

However some other time it was confusing, how same ball on same wheel can behave completely differently. As it knows where numbers we played are, then stops most of the time one pocket earlier or later from covered area.

To go from 80 to 2200 units in one hour is huge advantage.
At home I did some calculations. It was close to 200% advantage.
Ritz team played with $600,000 and won 1.3 m pounds on one weekend so they really only made their bankroll 4 times larger.

If we played 1000 pounds a unit as they did we would make 2.2 m pounds in one hour. But this table have had limit only $50 per number.