Free roulette video spins, tilted wheel

Have a look TILT2 roulette system in action, set up and predictions 10 rotations before then ball drops. Video is not the best even the camera is good quality, it is hard to see spinning numbers but who understands he will see it. :wink:

Roulette computer FFA-TILT2

some time ago i published scatter chart in members section, here it is again

red line is not 2-5 but 2.5

Part 2, there is more :o

Roulette computer FFA_tilt2_2

nice video mate and nice too see your getting the hang of the famous FFa-u :wink: :wink: :wink:

the last spin might have been best for PS…and PS seems to be very denifined allmost better than original FFa BUT I CANT REMEBER NOW

ok ill try to catch yopu on msn and anoy you there

thx for the demo youz may have confused a few by setting PS on DD but i understand why you did it normalyy with heavy tilt PS may not be required also i noticed you set when b all struck at top of diamond with new system and new PS ive seen its more dealy when we SET the system when ball strikes as far down the diamond as poss

ok just my views cya

For PS to be the best we really need later prediction and set it on first prediction.

some more :wink:

Roulette computer FFA_tilt2_3

If you are using VB to predict particular ball rotation just after the ball is one sec per rotation you have one ball rotation with high ball deceleration, with some skill you should be able to detect that particular rotation. :wink:

and more

Roulette computer FFA_tilt2_4

Roulette computer FFA_tilt2_5

and last

Roulette computer FFA_tilt2_6

nice work :wink: 8) 8)

and well explained,ppl should have good understanding for PS now…

Oh and some nice free roulette spins too ,heheh i just noticed this is availble to the public and not in the private section

man could he be going soft in his old age

ok i best get off cya


I would put more attention on power of predicting ball drop point, separating it from ball scatter. Once you do it, it’s easy to see if there is any change on the wheel so you can readjust and keep advantage all the time.

To see PS in full performance then we would need reduce prediction to 5-6-7 and reduce tilt.
I did few spins before and it was more as leveled wheel, then I turned the leg under DD by ½ turn, and it was too much.

If you look the ball graph scatter, for that rotor speeds the ball is in between A and B point. If predictions battling with it, it would be disaster since we wouldn’t know do we have wrong ball drop or computer assumed different scatter. Since scatter is never constant the ball drop point wouldn’t be constant in relation to predictions, it would be everywhere and if we use graph [prediction]-[final results] it would take us 100 spins until we can see any change. Nobody wouldn’t like to play 100 spins with negative advantage.

With significantly increased rotor speed is not only that ball jumps may change but ball traveling time may change as well. And on every wheel it could be different.

Is that your wheel ? i thougt it collected dust in the corner where you live :slight_smile:



with more dust it works better

I made a demo video few weeks back,


any tips on how to upload to forum

Hi Men ,Finally did uploaded the video demo i did at new year time

man o man,20 mins to make it,one week to upload it :o :o :o :o :o :o

Ive posted in the suport section more info,

idea of demo is that i set the system on the DD but on a high impact strike,also as you see the system has not been set on a bad spin(PS)

Ok enjoy,




Is this some sort of joke lmaof ,I just cant win >:( >:( >:( >:( ??? ??? ??? ???


there is a limit per thread

you shouldnt use prtotype program with bugs
and ther is many more way to set ffa badly


[quote=“Forester, post:15, topic:441”]and ther is many more way to set ffa badly


hahahaha that I know very well ,noone was the best at setting the system wrong as myself

purpose of the demo was purely educational and showing to newbies and all owners of the FF what to expext if we set the system as i did on the forst spin on this vodeo where the ball strikes at high velocity and at the top part of the DD.

also i do try to emfacise throughout the demo that no point set has been done

after saying that id like to point out that we still get a high hit rate although i never recorde actual hits as this was not the purpose of the demo

thx for pointing out no description was present on the first video on you tube all done now

next demo will be same video and demonstrating the difference when the plaer sets FF correctly and benefits of PS

i did nt think i di that bad for being hung over after the new year celibrations

ok forester dont hold your breath,next demo could also take months for me to upload :-X :-X :-X