Fraser Island

After some 4W driving in this wildness i even managed to find internet to say hello.

Careful a dingo will steal your FF


Great :wink:

Is there a Roulette over there :-)??

The closest thing to roulette was my spare tire on the car so I could do some practicing. ;D

This were my neighbors for a week, I took few pictures.

two kukubaras were coming every day, hitting lizard, running away and laughing

one meter long lizard

After 50 km drive down the beach then about same through rain forest, in middle of sand island you would find amazing lake with fresh water.

Driving on the beach is better then on freeway, but driving through forest on bumpy sandy track is spine braking adventure.

From tomorrow some time,

I’ll be away few days for Easter holidays.

Wish you all the best. :-*

good to hear come back refreshed ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

wish all here a happy easter,this weekend is FFa-u weekend ,ive finally got some cash together

ok cya men :-* :-* :-* :-*

I’m not an expert. But I think I saw some images in this thread, representing some animals. So, for your next journey: beware of the jumping easter bunny!

found at

“Late November a senior fisheries officer claimed to have spotted a 3m croc slithering into Fig Tree Creek on Fraser Island, after previous sightings including a saltie circling a yacht.
Back in the 1990s, claims that a man had tripped over a croc on the banks of the Noosa River were met with derisive laughter. It didn’t help that the croc spotter had stumbled over the alleged creature while winding his way back along Gympie Terrace after a big night out.
But in 2003, Steve Hourmouzis and his girlfriend Kylie Tjepkema also claimed to have sighted a croc near the ferry crossing at Tewantin in the early hours of the morning. That prompted Tewantin’s Peter Robert to come forward to reveal that he and his mate Brian Geeb saw a 2.5m crocodile on Sunday morning on the river bank near the Frying Pan.
The fact is, a large crocodile was shot in the Logan River back in 1905.”

What would crocodile know about roulette :-X

Well hourmouzis looked at the Croc and weighed it up, the Croc looked back and saw what a tasty sized portion his wife would make, but would he choke on it? The Croc decided to back off after Realising that Hourmouzis was in Fact one of the biggest Sharks on the planet aND HE DIDN’T STAND A CHANCE . :stuck_out_tongue:

He is the only one who see a crocodile where there is no crocodiles and where nobody else have seen it.
Crocodiles are on north of Australia with distance as saying polar bears are in UK.