Forum user "hotjohnnn" is a liar


Here you can see our conversation over PM


Hello how much for your FFZ?


This is an Acrobat 3 FFZ with toe switch (made by ABCDE).
I have paid € 750.00 for the computer and about € 100.00 for the toe switch.
I would charge you € 350.00 without shipping fee.


Ηi,but how do i know if it works?I would like something better around 200 or 220 with shipping.


Sorry but € 300.00 not less without shipping.
Where do you live?


The computer is fully working, I guarantee its absolute working condition. There is no way to proof it, I know. But you can invite Forester to our conversation, he will be your witness.


Sorry man i can t pay that much because i don t know if it works in real conditions.I live in UK,only if i see with my own eyes that works i can buy it.


No problem!
I see your point.


Please note the date!!!

RP chat

I don’t know why you bother.


Because he is lying. I hate people who are lying.


Well… send him a video of the thing and put 2 wires and a light on each plate to show it is sending signal. This is the only thing you can do.


Of course, but I was not interested to sell it to him. So, he had the choice to buy it or not.
I see, he was needed a guarantee. And I told him that this FFZ is fully working.
He wanted to know if it is possible to win with the FFZ, that’s what he wanted to see. That’s because he wanted me to show him live over his online casino account. He also told me to open an own account in an online casino. I wasn’t interested to do that. So, he decided to call me a scammer. That’s it.

He is a fuckin’ gambler!!!