Forester, Kelly, Viper, Securityman, please help me

Hello at first I thought to buy ffz, then after talking with forester, he told me that i would not have time to make bets, roulette game where I live makes only about 9 or 10 spins, announcing nmb on the 7 th spin around.

I read all the forum and I have learn about vb, I practice with videos with real roulette wheels, visual prediction. I notice a big difference, and it is that it is difficult to identify a certain revolution in casinos wheels, because there isnot so much deceleration of the ball , or rather it is not so visible. Another thing is that roulette game here are for 2 or 3 pins generally and not only play 1 pin.

Where I am, Argentina, do not get much information about visual balistik, so I fixed them to learn, as I understand English. I would love to know if you could teach me vb 2 in my case, and if would kind enough to share their knowledge with me. I have some doubts about the differences from traditional visual balistik and vb2.

Do for example:
How to identify a certain revolution ?
Does that revolution should take? The sixth?
It apply to a game of 2 or 3 pins?
Longer 4 pins doesnot serve?
Are a minimum number of spins of the ball necessary?
Specified at the time of the revolution, also must measure the speed of the rotor? Or this is just in the beginning?
It is only possible with a speed of rotor of between 3 - 5 seconds or it is only a recommendation?
if the dealer change, it affect my game?
How do you apply vb2 to my x game example?

Specific data of roulette where I bet .
-Speed of the rotor 2.5-3 seconds for spin.
-2 pins where usually touch the ball in 60% of cases.
-The ball jump average is 6 pockets.
-Roulette only according to the clockwise turns, does not change the meaning.
-The Roulette is Huxley MK’s

  • The speed of the rotor varies generally between 2.5 and 3 seconds.
    Called nmb on the 7t th spin, the ball makes approximately 2 or 3 spins more.
    Also sometimes called nmb on the last turn.

I will appreciate I you can help me,thank for your time.


I notice a big difference, and it is that it is difficult to identify a certain revolution in casinos wheels, because there isn't so much deceleration of the ball.

Yes and that’s why I made a VB2where is not important if we miss particular ball rotation.

My friend you are the hard case but you are showing great interest, you should have an access to VB2section I hope it will help you.

How can i read the vb2 forum forester?

refresh page, log in log out, clear history… you should have an access

Thank you Forester!!

Nicky once you have learned it, maybe you can explain it to me. Especially why it works. And how, when you dont know the end number up front.

Haha ,i had to laugh ,nah Ja here we go again

there must be somthing wrong with me,Im starting to like Kelly