Forester i send you a mail

Hello forester i send you a mail can you answer me please?

Was it email?

Yes i send you email . Ffv at first does not make nothing was dead, after that i clean it pattiently , change and prove other batteries and it start to make noise at first , repeating the process it start to vibrate very soft and later it vibrates better but not strong. I can access to menu but i am not sure at all if it works normally.
After that next day the same situation it does not make nothing like is dead , i repeat the process and after hours it work same last day . I proved things like shake it when i put batteries and it work. I do not know where is the problem if is the on - off, or the brain , or something else. I dont know. Thanks for the answer.


Sometimes emails end up in the junk folder, or I don’t notice them, contacting me using forums PM is better.

If you click on someone’s name, you get a popup as this

where you can click on Messages to contact the user.

I just sent you a message to see what can be done.

I will try to get the motor you say. If i can or not i will write again. Thanks.