For all of those who's English writing is bad as mine, get Grammarly

Join the

Install Grammary Firefox or Chrome extension and enjoy it.


Free web site assistant.

Click on it, and it helps you with writing. You can also install a version for Microsoft Word.

It makes suggestions for writing; it is far better than Microsoft Word.

I loved it so much that I decided to pay for a month to see how it works.

It is a fantastic program.


Ok, Some mistakes I made with purpose so you can see how it works.

I use it and itns great.

Maybe is possible to put it directly on site?

It is you just sign in and add plugin; then you can use it at any site.

This is how your reply to Snowman looks.


Look now.


I can see you fixed some premium version shows more.

Did you buy premium version?

Yes for a month only.
I received an email from them about usage.
Fixing writing on myrulet site.




Very cool.

Translation: Neato, awesome, way cool, far out!

hehehe :slight_smile:

Really I know that are also more spelling checking programs, this is good, but I not like that it is commercial.

What is it?

I was referring to the new program. I was basically saying that the new program is very cool.
I was then translating the meaning of, “very cool.”

I like it, just made new instructions for FF using Grammary.

When it is active on the site, I can not use options for the post like to quote or to add an attachment.
If I want to do it, first I have to disable Grammary.

I love this forum software because of attachments.
They all get uploaded to Amazon not taking my servers space. If add same file one in the other post it doesn’t upload it again it knows and uses the link.

If the post is removed, it removes the attachment.
Easy to quote someone or to copy paste data.

It is nice.

There’s a scary amount of good information on this forum.