Five Quadrant Compensation Strategy Template

Template only

1 chip on 3,6,9,12
2 1,4,7,10
3 chips on 14,17,20,23
4 chips on 27,30,33,36
5 chips on 25,28,31,34
6 chips on first 12, second 12, and second column of 12
10 chips on third column of 12
16 chips on first column
18 chips on third 12
38 chips on 0,00
total 198


1 chip on 3,6
2 chips on numbers 9,12,1,4
3 chips on 7,10,14,17
4 chips on 20,23,27,30
5 chips on 33,36,25,28
6 chips on 31,34
7 chips on second twelve,second column of twelve
8 chips on first twelve
12 chips on third column
16 chips on first column
20 chips on third twelve
38 chips on 0,00
216 total

You shouldn’t need more than 1,000 chips

It’s a template. Like a pottery mold. You can plug in the numbers, and create your own custom roulette system that you’ve contracted yourself by using these patterns. Not necessarily using the same amount of chips on the layout. Remember, it’s just a theory. I was hoping someone might take an interest in it. Someone who still believes that the HG is still out there regardless of computers, Einstein, and self professed professionals around the world. It is lurking just below the surface.
I think these betting systems may hold the key to the winning combination. I really don’t know. I’ll bet that no matter who you talk to they will tell you that it is extremely difficult to win at AR continuously over, and over again.The people who review these systems are much too unforgiving. They want nothing less than a guaranteed outcome when nothing in life is guaranteed.
As with all of my strategies I’m attempting to,“cancel out”, or nullify all the inside bets, (not including 0,00) by keeping the win/loss ratio for all of these bets at a zero average. Not the standard built in average of 3 to 2 chips in the houses favor. As with any bet on the inside of the wheel, there is constant fluctuation which I’ve tried to buffer by using the same number of chips on the outside as I used on the inside.
All you have to do is add up the number of chips bet on inside of the layout that correspond with the section of 12 that they’re in. Then, you bet that number on the section of 12 that it is in conjunction with. You would also do the same thing with the column bets. Add them all up in a row, and bet the same number of chips on the outside 2 to 1 spot as you did on the inside of that column. Just cut the outside bets in half.
My intentions were to cancel out the outside, and inside bets on the layout, and pit them against the 0’s. Using the 0’s as a catalyst of some kind. That’s why it’s called a Compensation Strategy, because it compensates to achieve a balance. But, it’s waited down by the gravity of the 0. Theoretically, with the right combination of chip’s bet this way, I assume that there is a correct combination of chips that has enough positive fluctuation to turn a profit with marginal room for error. Wouldn’t that be nice… So what I did on for the 0’s is just put 38 chips on both because that’s how many numbers there are on the other side of the layout.

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cannot work, based on gambler’s fallacy

But why? How come you guys can’t get a positive result? It makes me wonder, why can’t you guys give credit where credit is due? I’ve ran this system over, and over with a 1,000 chip buy-in, and I consistently made many thousands of dollars over, and over. What is so wrong?

Your lack of knowledge and your short term testing.

This thing has been on here for a total of 10 minutes. You’re telling me you tested it?

There is no need to test my friend, all bets based on the table layout is guaranteed failure because you do not beat the odds, your bets do not increase your long term hit rate, it will still be 1/37 or 1/38 and you get in return 36 units, so you are a loser, clear and simple. Ok?

Excuse me, but who beats the odds forever if there’s a roulette table on every street corner in Nevada? You’re close mindedness is why, my friend, you are the loser here. People come first. Without them you wouldn’t have a pot to pee in, and Sir, your money is no good here.

Losers/Suckers like you are born every minute, that’s why. I suggest you move your fat ass from here and post your silliness at vls or rouletteforum websites, they like morons, believe me, you have your place.