First recon mission--disappointing

scouted out the roulette tables at my local casino. good and bad. the good : 1. about 6-8 wheels at my casino which seems like a lot 2. they’re all Huxleys and that scatter is about 15 or so pockets which I read is acceptable (not super bouncy) 3. you can stand virtually on top of the wheel to see the various speeds etc. 4.

“no more bets” call was many times w/ only 4-5 rotations left. the bad : out of all the tables I watched including the crowded ones, absolutely no one put their bets on after the ball was spun. everyone had their bets on before the dealer even thought about picking the ball up. so my question is, how could I possible disguise what I’m doing? even if I had a friend put the bets down w/ signals or something, he would be very obvious to everyone. side note: all the tables had a 15-20 dollar minimum, is that typical?

Which country ? I never saw such min bets.

US–southern Pennsylvania


AUD$2.50 and $5 are common in Australia $25 is the max I have seen.
Almost everyone bets after the Ball is spinning her in Aus.


that’s a little more comforting. but how does one not get noticed staring at the wheel? Australia is the best, you got crocs, great whites, kangaroos, betting after the ball is spinning, the list goes on and on. my casino is fairly new. a couple years ago was the last time I went in (until I got into vb) and the craps dealers weren’t even sure of the correct odds payouts etc. they had this weird hybrid thing where there was a dealer w/ 2 roulette tables up on this sort of stage with computer terminals and a tv screen of the table. as soon as he started picking up the ball the screen said “no more bets”.

I honestly think that there wasn’t a single person at any of those tables that has ever heard of vb. there was another version of roulette called vegas roulette or something like that and I saw this old timer sitting there with a tablet and pen. he had about 1000 numbers on his sheet some circled and some crossed out. I thought “finally one of my people” as I got a little closer I saw the game was just some random number generator. I asked him if it was an rng pretending I didn’t know and in a low grumbly, cigaretty voice says " l have no idea" and gets back to his numbers like a zombie. we need to find each other in diff. regions and get together–need some help in PA

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The conditions you have described are pretty typical for North America. The minimum bets you describe are also somewhat typical. In Vegas, minimums are $10-25 per spin depending on the casino, so the minimums you are describing are not that out of line for a casino with 6-8 wheels.

Additionally, the problem of no one betting after the spin is also not uncommon for North America. I am in Canada and it’s pretty much the same deal here. However, there are ways around it. Just as there are also ways to make them call NMB’s a little later.

I had to deal with this myself when I got into VB. The problem you are going to be dealing with primarily is the issue of bankroll fluctuation with a high min bet. I’m guessing if you are like me, you’d much rather a $5 dollar min bet rather than a $20 if you are just fooling around with VB/starting out. Good news is there are solutions to all the problems you are describing and they are pretty simple. (PM me if interested)

The best part you have going for you is the number of wheels in a casino. My casinos tend to have just one wheel. Some have 2, or 3 live wheels at the most. So picking ideal gaming conditions can be a pain in the butt because it usually involves changing casinos. Smaller casinos, if they exist in your area, may have lower limits, but fewer wheels. So it’s a matter of preference.