Finaly home

After a month of holiday, I am finally home.

It is so nice to sleep in own bed.

Me to… but 2 months travelings ups and down :money_mouth_face::grimacing::rofl:
Coming back again to open the FF season :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::muscle:

Welcome back guys

Yes welcome back - I too have had a holiday but mine was enforced and included a drive in an ambulance to a theatre! So good I am going back again next week for a long stay.

What happened Mike?

A couple of heart attacks and the Doc’s are having a conference tomorrow to decide if they can find a heart in me or just bypass where it should be.
1 : 37 sounds like real good odds to me at the moment!

Well they ended up doing a quad bypass but there were complications so I had more than a month in ICU. Home now and everything is OK except I have very small lung capacity.
Slowly recovering my previous interests.

Get well soon mate

keep your health, wish you best Mike