FFZ without any testing?

Hello there,

I would like to purchase a FFZ roulette computer but I dont have a roulette wheel to train/try/test it at home.
Is it easy to use? Can I read the instruction and be able to use it flawlessly in a casino?

Many thanks,

Welcome here buddy!

on your question you could and should make firstly tests and train at home on spins written on video DVD’s which you receive with the device on the package before you go to play for real.

imagine that you read the instructions book on how to do boxing and do you go after that immediately on the pro-ring and fight vs the world champion as Fury vs Klitschko or firstly need some training?! :smiley: 8) :wink: it’s the same and I could guarantee you that boxing is far so easier than the roulette as sport because there’re only 6 different kind of knocks and the world champion earns huge amount of $$$ using the winning combination of them vs his opponent ???

kind regards and happy winnings! :slight_smile: