FFZ the dream machine, program upgrade

FFZ roulette computer upgrade R5A. Five years of myrulet.com and FFZ’s 5th birthday
After about 200 hours of work the program has been modified and reconstructed. We selected the best and combined it all in to a single program, this program is suitable for FFV or FFZ systems.

The program can do anything you asked for and a bit more, FFZ as such becomes roulette players dream machine.

Here is a list of some features however I recommend you to watch a sample video in this article which will show some of systems features.

Roulette computer FFZ/FFV R5A

Part 2

Roulette computer FFZ/FFV Part 2

Interesting features:

Select roulette ball or rotor to be an indicator of prediction.

If the ball is selected, the system precisely calculates when and where the ball will meet with predicted rotor number, then predicts 3 times, each time when ball passing predicted pocket. In addition to it the system also predicts when the ball is due to drop.

Program is suitable for tilted or levelled wheel, it can predict at any time during the spin or at targeted slower speed ranges for increased accuracy of predictions.

Same as earlier versions of program the system accepts rotor clocking at any position or if IQE6 is used we also can clock the ball at any position on a roulette wheel.

Automatic or manual “point set” to eliminate some ball drop points or speeds to be predicted.

We did not forget and adjustable timer triggered by switch for all your experiments with visual predictions.

How to get new R5A program and what is the cost of upgrade?

If you purchased or upgraded FFZ this 2009- 2010 it is $50 send me your address and I will send you replacement chip which can be easy inserted in side socket. If you own FFV and want to upgrade it you will have to send it back and cost is $50. For all, if you prefer courier service add $60.

This are only symbolic costs since I do not expect anybody to pay for my time of developing new program. I do it firstly for myself.

If you are new to this site and want such device please make your order and make payment soon, because the price will be slightly increased.
As you could see on video, for all different kinds of prediction all it took is one single spin for set up.

The dream machine is ready are you?

Happy Birthday!!!

Thanks, :wink:

Strange not even Bago is complaining.

Hi Forester,

Yes, only complaining to Stefano. Today, he said he was available for a next demo at 3pm, so i connected on Skype and he is offline. I called him in his small house, the same, no answer at all.
He just emailed me showing fake graphs unproven about his computer and FFA explaining me that his computer is so much superior lol.
And for the online demo, i have to give him a moneybookers account that he will control. Meaning he can receive money from anyone, even from his bank, just to prove that my initial 5000$ will grow up.
Concerning the next demo i wanted, about his super secret systems that beats cammegh wheels before wheel and ball are spun, HE IS SHITTING IN HIS PANTS, LIKE A DIRTY PIG IN A FARM WHICH IS GOING TO BE BEHEADED. Haha, what a crook again, and he REALLY thinks he has proven the contrary!!! LoL
He received so much complains about some of his players (the remaining because they left the team of the genuinelosers), so now he does not want to add evidence on my website, how bad his phone really is. Giving a different predictions until 12 pockets difference with the same point, and telling people that he achieves a 1 in 15 hit rate on modern wheels is not contradictory for him, but for people who knows the physical aspect of the game, they know better.
Anyway, now he is backpeddling and hiding himself, i will stop contacting him, i don’t want him to suicide or something like that, as you told me he said to judge to be psychologically damaged now is business is clearly finished. I don’t wish that, even for a retarted enemy.

happy birhtday indeed ,good work forester

lets do the iqe6 tweek that we discussed

youll really impress the roulette world with that one

regards Secman :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

@ bago , only teasing you… want you to do something creative and forget about scamopopulus.

But reality is FFZ roulette computer the only one that Bago did not complain.

If you remember Father of Jelena Dokic (tenis player), he was complaining about everything, on the end he left Australia. I think Hyundai used him to advertise their car, in commercial he was going around the car inspecting it then he got disappointed because he found nothing to complain.

@ Securityman, thanks, you know that FFZ is my babe :smiley:

@ to all others, I surrender, since I sent PM I get to many back. Until I respond to few I get new ones back. So take it easy.

forester odlican posao na leveled!!!dajem svoj ffa-u comp,hp laptop i svoju zenu kiborg za ff-z chip :o ;D ;D ;D

HEHEH, thanks, women one is more than enough, hp I do not like but chip you can have.

For couriosity I tried FFZ IQE6 on a Cammegh wheel,
First spin I used accuracy 2, realised it’s too early prediction then set it to an average (I believe it is ac4).
Got surprised with so nice predictions. Most of them were spot on, few about 12 pockets away, one was odd. Predictions were 6-7 rotations before then ball drops. 12 is understandable it is when the ball just misses diamond.
In between spins I tried another same wheel -same ball, expecting similar parameters but ball was dropping 3 sec earlier. Strange for new wheels.

Here is the best video on youtube !!! have fun.
shawn connery slap

Barbra Walters interviews Sean Connery on smackin’ bitches

This may help someone.

Hello, Forester! I have a couple of questions about FFZ computer. As I understand from the info on the site it is now sold with a new version of program called R5A, and it can now predict outcomes on both tilted and levelled wheels. Am I right? Explain me please the procedure of ordering and purchasing this item. And else, how long would it take for it to arrive in Lithuania and how much would the delivery cost? Best regards,

FFZ could always predict levelled wheel, then we come with new approach, we call UNLIMITED. (more flexibility specially for tilted wheels)

FFA was fully converted that way, but FFZ/FFV where converted only for tilted wheel. We used rotor as a prediction indicator, that’s definitely slow for levelled wheel prediction because we can’t predict levelled wheel as early as tilted. With levelled wheel prediction we can’t afford to lose 2-3 sec in waiting for rotor (or 1/2 rotor) to come to particular position therefore and there was no logic in having levelled wheel predictions when rotor as an indicator is used.

We have had some special needs. Early prediction where we can’t lose time to wait for rotors zero to come to particular position as a talking computer would need. I tried how early but still reasonably accurate I can spot numbers under the ball when the ball is still fast ~0.6s/rev, then changed program to use ball again, leaving as an option to use rotor if someone likes to use it (perhaps early tilted wheel predictions with a lot remaining time before no more bets). On top of that is added that after first prediction the system calculates when will ball meet predicted number again and again. As you can seen video each time if ball is used we get 3 predictions.

Someone new may ask himself why on video is predicted all the time same spin?

With same spin we know what the result is, clocking ball at different positions or in different moments during the spin it shows us how well the system can measure ball speed and predict based on different ball speeds. Such test is well explained at http://myrulet.com 4 diamonds test.

I am sorry for confusing everybody with systems especially someone new, let’s say i am more focused on making it right rather then on marketing. I definitely need to upgrade some pages.
FFZ you order at myrulet.com shop, of course you’ll get new R5A software.

“And else, how long would it take for it to arrive in Lithuania and how much would the delivery cost?”

When you are ordering 2 options are available, airmail about 2-3 weeks, courier delivery about 1 week.
Have in mind that it may take me some time to make it. In usual it is up to one week.

I want to bring to your attention that FFZ hardware is changing.

After payment you can read about FFZ-SH. I do not advertise it because i did not test it fully but some people who do not mind just ordering it.
FFZ uses 2 AA batteries and it has chip inserted in to socket. Users could upgrade and replace chip by them self. Unit size is about box that can hold 4 AA batteries.

FFZ-SH is only 5mm thickness and it uses button battery CR2032. Microprocessor can’t be replaced therefore in future upgrade the unit may need to be sent back. However i am working on changing it, and maybe (MAYBE) i will let people have software same as for FFA, where they can purchase programmer $50 and if there is a need in 5 min. upgrade software by themselves.

I hope this helps.
Best regards / Forester

Got surprised with so nice predictions. Most of them were spot on, few about 12 pockets away, one was odd. Predictions were 6-7 rotations before then ball drops. 12 is understandable it is when the ball just misses diamond.
In between spins I tried another same wheel -same ball, expecting similar parameters but ball was dropping 3 sec earlier. Strange for new wheels.

so is meaning better we play on huxley wheels … i play here also the cammegh with spoon freds and i see is difficult…

What you’ve seen on video is a test, it shows system capability to identify ball speed and predict accordingly.

When the system is applied on multiple spins then there is change in ball traveling distance.

For example the system may measurer ball speed 1000 ms and it travels 6 rotations.
Next spin it may measure same speed but after prediction the ball simply goes for additional ¼ of rotation. That is where we get about 12 pockets difference. The system can’t know what will be change after it predicts.
It may happened on any kind of wheel. The difference in between wheels is mostly how ball will jump.