FFV roulette computer, small 5 mm in height

comming soon
here we go
That’s PCB design for FFV RC.



Hope it will be only for old customers and maybe some special new ones.

BUT first FFV-U is for me :wink:

First 2 are for you.

And one I will test for functionality in real environment :smiley: ;D

Yesterday I sent order for PCB to be made,
Today parts order is completed so I’ll go and pick it up.

wow… :wink:


how is the conection to earpeace (with BT?)

It is only vibration, FFV-U

Can we know the price?

Not for now,
I just gave schematics to manufacture printed circuit board. ;D

Can I know roughly when will this be release for sale?

It will be soon,
Actually it should be already done but I am to busy.

Will this FFV work for leveled wheels?


Reality of leveled wheel prediction is that earlier in time from ball drop point we predict we lose in accuracy. That loss has nothing to do with imperfections of system perditions but it is a deviation in ball traveling time to the end of spin from moment when the ball is at particular speed.
For example 1000 ms per rotation ball one spin may travel 6 rotations and next spin the ball from same particular speed may travel ~7 rotations.

That is why as main requirements for leveled wheel prediction is to have device which can process data instantly and without any delay (for example when calling audio files) as FFA can do.
None of mobile phones roulette computers could do it even designers claimed it is a professional device. Losing about 1.5 sec just to initiate audio player in mobile phone was not professional design. Apparently after I highlighted problem they fixed it, but the questions remains, what they were selling earlier?

FFV doesn’t pronounce numbers but it uses rotor to display predicted number.
We lose about 2 sec for that. Because the system can predict in any rotation and predictions are very accurate even if we predict very early during the spin (tilted wheel) losing of 2 sec is not critical for such predictions as it would be for leveled wheel.
Sure I can add and leveled wheel calculation and claim anything I want, but that is not my stile.

FFV is only additional tool for some skilled players who are very familiar with FFA and FFZ.

Because it is less then 5 mm is size and because it has everything on single board, it can easy fit in shoe, shirt pocket, or even to hold it in hand.
Results achieved with FFV=U are equal to perfect predictions of VB player who would be able to identify any particular ball rotation he wants and adjust rotor movement based on ball remaining traveling time from that rotation.

Additional advantage of FFV (and FFZ) is that rotor can be cloaked at any position and that position can be completely different then ball clocking.
It is better in some situations. For example devices that talk have to calculate rotor movement from start of the spin when the rotor time is taken. On faster rotor speeds just small mislclicks when cliocking rotor productcing 5-8 pockets error until ball comes to drop point. Devices as FFV or FFZ work differently and such error is reduced.

As you can see FFV is just another option which may be more suitable in some particular conditions.
I am a player I do not just sell devices as some. As such I wouldn’t use FFV to play leveled wheel so I wouldn’t make it or say it is for leveled wheel when it really is not designed for that.

Which system works best on leveled wheels? FFA or FFZ?

“”“Results achieved with FFV=U are equal to perfect predictions of VB player who would be able to identify any particular ball rotation he wants and adjust rotor movement based on ball remaining traveling time from that rotation.”""

It couldn t be any Better!!!


It is not matter of FFZ or FFA,
Calculation is similar; the difference is how the result is passed to the user.

My choice as a single player is always FFZ, most others prefer FFA.

When I am joking I say FFZ is for professionals and FFA is for fags, which of course is not the truth.
When I said that to Viper he instantly wants FFZ instead of FFA. ;D ;D ;D

FFZ is harder to use (you may look in it for 2 weeks and ask yourself what the hell is this, until you start understanding), I like it because it’s simple to set it
(No wires) and it’s more flexible with rotor clocking which is very important in various casinos environments. But what would someone who never played with advantage in casino know about it. (I do not mean you 8))

Perhaps you should know, roulette leveled wheel is hard everything counts to get most optimized prediction as I was explaining earlier.
It is not same as getting hits to rotor like 1:3 or 1:5 on tilted wheel.
On leveled wheel you may get 1:12 or 1:15 and it makes everything harder.
It needs more experience and knowledge to be able to recognize advantage and to be able to keep it during few hours of play.

To confuse you more, I have to say FFA with new program upgraded few days ago is very cool. It is very different principles of prediction then old program was using and FFZ still uses old program. There is a new program for FFZ but only for tilt.

Have a look few videos, if you search you will find and FFZ

Roulette computer FFA-TILT2-1

Hello, ;D
You just said;
“There is a new program for FFZ but only for tilt.”
Grate!! So I desparatelly need it !!!
Also new FFV
As you know I need only chips, there is somone with “FF obssesion” who can build the rest.
Is it passible to order two chips immidiatelly?
best abc…

It is possible, someone ordered FFV a month ago and he is still waiting.
This week I will go through program again to check everything once more, do some more testing and it will be ready.
Same program you can be loaded to FFV or FFZ.

New board of FFV would be good for you and your micro priojects.

I have new board for FFZ but I did not try it, all circuit is redesigned.

Talk to me in few days time. :-*


This video should give you an idea how FFV-U works. :-*

Today i made 10 FFV’s ;D

Oh yes and i test them, no single mistake, just loving it. 8)

:smiley: jjjuuuuuhhhuuuu !!! ;D

lets start the new generation… of smallest RC

Man are you still in S… ?

I am going to post it today :-*