FFV roulette computer advice


hi guys new to the forum here been reading threads for a few threads thought i would jump in :slight_smile:

Im based in the uk have some knowledge of vb and correlation between rotor and ball speeds and how that impacts ball destination.

Very interested in FFV vibrating computer to use in local landbased casinos i make decent money online but obviously would like to make some money in actual casinos with any advantage i can get. Obviously will be first device i have used was just wondering about people’s experience with it and expected hit rates if covering neighbour bets etc thanks


Do you have data how the ball jumps?


hi forester thanks for reply i have some data on wheels i use both in casino and online but not a barrowload of data

in very general terms the scatter isnt too awful obviously you cant control the big jumps you get off more than +12 to +20 pockets but certainly a large percentage are less than +10 i have found


That sounds OK.

But their are other factors involved.

For example, just talked with one old-time member; the FF predicts very well on some wheels where the ball drops but the ball jumps randomly so it is impossible to win. On the other very old wheel, (he even talks about some cracks in the wood ) getting inaccurate predictions. On the first one, the FF can’t help, on the second wheel, perhaps it would be OK if there is some tilt, but without it, the ball travelling path deviates too much from what measured time predicts.


hey man yeah absolutely goes without saying no one can predict absolute number and scatter can mess it up sure we have all seen a ball reach a point where it should drop then does a magic slide around the wheel for countless pockets!

Ive liked what ive seen of FF in terms of it predicting where the ball SHOULD land but of course the actual end point is entirely at gods will.

However i feel my VB game is getting better if i could rely on that solely then life would be good but of course always there is distractions. I was doing rotor speed and ball speed but now doing purely ball speed is more effective for me. By that i mean i focus on ball revolutions in relation to rotor speed and from that i can predict sectors quite well , obviously again down to scatter at end.


Only trying to elaborate on this:


yeah totally thanks mate