FFV Acrobat roulette computer video

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Part two; Predicting and Offset.


Great video!
During clocking ball rotations in ACW, the order of the diamonds follows ball direction?
So if the diamond where you clock is 12 o’ clock, in CW diamond 1 is 3 o’ clock.
But in ACW diamond 1 is 9 o’ clock.
It’s correct?

Great video! During clocking ball rotations in ACW, the order of the diamonds follows ball direction? So if the diamond where you clock is 12 o' clock, in CW diamond 1 is 3 o' clock. But in ACW diamond 1 is 9 o' clock. It's correct?

And in different ball direction you can have completely different dominant diamonds.
The Acrobat doesn’t care.
It handles everything. The player can use 1 for any ball direction at one table and 2 for any ball direction at the other table if he wants.

Why it’s good to set and play only dominant diamonds?

If there is a dominant diamond it takes wider range of ball speeds, also it means the other diamond takes less. As you could see on video DD2 got hit but I didn’t make set there and after it didn’t get any more hits. So maybe only 10 ms ball speed range was hitting that particular diamond. It’s not wide enough to be sure if the ball will hit it since 10 ms error is easy to get or the ball may deviate so much by itself passing different particles of dust.

Added part 2.

In videos I forgot to mention that number player could see as a prediction doesn’t have to be exact as the number when the light flashes. It’s because of rotor movement in opposite direction. When the Acrobat program is used in original FFV it also works slightly different then when it’s used with test unit. The vibrating motor has small delay until the player feels vibration, so the program adjusts for it while with test unit such adjustment is not required since the flashlight is more instant. Because of it on the video there could be a greater distance in between result predicted for example 7 rotations to the end of spin and then predicting it again at 5 or 3 rotations to the end when the ball is slower.

hahahaha “it missed by one pocket… i’ll have to make a new system” ;D good one forester!

The best PM i received;

“Forester hello, today I received the parcel with FFV, when I opened the package I could not find the FFV because it was too small! Exceptional beautiful!”


Recently I tested acrobat in real conditions, and just want to share some of my experiences, and ask some more questions regarding the system.
I played on a wheel where there were 2 DDs, i played accuracy 2 and only saved spins from one diamond where the ball had constant scatter. The first thing i noticed is that when saving spins, do NOT watch only the scatter and think that if the scatter is constant, then the position hit on the diamond is the same. I realized that when rotor speeds are changing, this causes scatter to change, so when deciding what spins to save, make sure you look at the position that the ball hit on the diamond, and remmeber what the scatter is for a particular rotor speed for that position.

moving on, i wanted to ask that if playing a wheel with 2 DDs, is it best to save spins from both diamonds. If for example , i only save spins from 1 diamond and use accuracy 2, will acrobat still know which diamond the ball will hit if i have not saved samples on the other DD? Because i only wanted to save the best spins, i was confused as to whether or not i should save only 1 diamond with same diamond angle hit, rather than save hits from the 2nd DD. I did not know whether acrobat would know if the ball would hit the 2nd DD if i did not save samples from it.
I guess my question is, if playing a wheel with 1 strong DD and a second DD, should you save spins from both diamonds to increase accuracy.

[quote=“forester, post:6, topic:791”]The best PM i received;

“Forester hello, today I received the parcel with FFV, when I opened the package I could not find the FFV because it was too small! Exceptional beautiful!”


;D ;D ;D You know what? I just wanna say the same thing! When i open the package, i can only see those dvds, and i think Forester must make a mistake- he forgot put ffv in it! Well, he didnt. It is really really too small!! ;D

Don’t lose it!!! ;D

Gambler i answered your question in support section.

The best email :smiley:

Hi Fotrster,
Just have another look at your vedio on the home page FFV_Acrobat computer. If Iunderstand it correctly, this is the lastest verson RC that you finished on Feb 2012.
Questions are:

1 the one in your hand is a switch, where is the vibe? (in film you use the biper insted of the vibe), in real casino how you oprea it, still have line in between the vibe and the switch? and if it is the case, how big is the vibe, and where is the battery to oprea it? Sorry for the question, just want to know is easy to oprea in real casino condition.
2 you put 11 pokets to offset the drop point and winning number, how did you get that, is the system tell you that?


On the picture what you can see in between fingers that’s a complete roulette computer, with battery clocking switch and vibration. Sometimes we add external switch to be used differently.

The system predicts close to the point where the ball drops on rotor, 11 pockets I added was just a quick estimation to demonstrate how offset is adjusted.

Forester you have the best, my congrats.

A very good tool also for the experianced wheel watcher.
For my opinion it’s the best to become a successful wheelwatcher
in the common way and then use the FFV to increase the winnings.

And to make a deal like the Rizz coup, East European coup or others.
I am working on that.


wath this vedeo 10 times , where you getting those predictions from ( the numbers ) ? FFV connected to an ear device ?

The FFV vibrates.

On the video the FFV is connected to the beeper and LED light.

any chance i can download a user manual for FFV ?

Sorry, user manual is available only for users.
For some reasons long time ago it was decided to keep it that way also to not show pictures of devices where it can be recognized.

Since this video has been made there were 2 upgrades to the program. Users can upgrade their system by themselves downloading the program from the server.

First upgrade has few small problems solved and the user’s manual hasn’t been changed.
Second upgrade, instead of 4 main vertical diamonds the system uses ball drop positions represented as 12 hours clock. This enables better set on wheels with 12/14/16 diamonds. Also option for proper level wheel prediction is added.
The Acrobat program is new, with new concepts and options how to use it, therefore we still finding methods how to utilise it for the best.

understand everythink … but still cannot get at which point it shows you prediction. in vedeo part 2 begining " 2 and 31 " where the come from , at which moment FFV tells you 2 and 31

when it beeps the number under diamond #4 - thats prediction - inderstand correctly ?

When it beeps it’s number under the ball

Where can I find user manual? CD only has test spins