FFA pictures

Bago published images of how FFA is made on imageshack.
As Kelly said if you do not want all world to know keep it distanced from him.

I do not care, at least people can see and understand that the system is really custom built for the best performance in timming. It is time consuming to put it all together, that is why sales I never consider as profitable business.

Pictures are huge but the FFA is well packed. it is only 6 x 3 x 1.5 cm in size.


I’m only an amateur electronics hobbyist, not an engineer. But I’d say that it does indeed look very well done! I wouldn’t have thunk it after seeing your sloppy online instruction demo vid’s :wink: What kind of soldering equipment do you have, or do you give it away to some company to do the final soldering?

Trying to “reverse engineer” such a thing would of course be a hell much worse than trying to invent it all from scratch! Bago is doing more commercial for you, than “damaging industrial espionage” ;D

It isn’t greatest job, but it works. :slight_smile:
I use only precised soldering iron and hot air.