FFA, My first impressions. !Nice¡

Hi, I´m really surprised, what easy its work with FFa , i have many more predictions near 90%. (very important, time is money too)and therefore more hits. With FFz i was not really confortable, at the beginning of my session the zaps were very strong. And very hard to see the predict number. Now I see what is happening in the wheel without difficulty.

About the earpiece, had a little scared when Forester said that had changed and that new were a little bigger. But its indectetable, I put around a drop children oil and go easy.Thats all at moment. Tomorrow I will go to the battlefield.

Forester I sent you an e-mail with some doubts.

( Please correct my writing and excuse my English) Best regards

Ok I will correct your English.

With FFz I was really comfortable, at the beginning of my session the zaps were easy adjusted.
;D ;D :smiley: :smiley: ;D ;D

Hi I’m new. Where do I buy the FFA and what if any are advantages over the FFZ? Where can I find info on the differences between them?



Well people want to buy FF all the time or at least talking about that.

Some are trying to hack the site, some running programs to overloading it, some are making complains. Who can make them all happy so I do not need to think abut them.

I will make Capello happy, and make a video of using FFA.
Maybe then he stop asking Crogirl for photo ;D.