FFA and Stefano genuine winner computer compared on the same spins


Many people know that i have tested both computers and are asking me to post the scatter chart showing FFA’s predictions versus strike point on Stefano’s qualification DVD.

Recap: As per Stefano’s qualification DVD and his application of his nokia phone computer sold at 7,500$, here are the results he achieved:

The video is shown here:


Now, here are the results achieved with FFA set with Accuracy 4 so that i get predictions at the same time Stefano’s computer predicts (around 6 seconds before ball enters in collision).

Everybody should understand why i call GW a big scammer for having sold his 5,000$ computer which gives POOR results, when someone else offers a much more better product for a much cheaper price.

For more informations about Stefano the crook, visit:


Contact me if you have any questions, i also explain his GW 2,500$ system for free. You will know, without the slighest doubt, that this guy is FRAUDULENT.

You still did not give up on him.

I removed video link you know that he is crying if someone shows and analyses his spins.

Did he remove your personal details from net?

he did not and made a huge fuss on his forum regarding bago, and he insulted him badly, can we not have the link on the private forum. please?

Insulting his own customer and publishing his personal details to punish him because he talks about his product, is not very ethical . It is the test of all tests.

Difference in graphs is that he got results which he selected, FF predicted on top and you could witness with which accuracy system predicts where the ball will drop.
Also it is easier to clock real wheel then video spin on 19" monitor, where even DVD disc can skip. LOL ;D

What about the link?

[b]He asked me to suck his balls, it seems he has not yet decided his sexual orientation.

Anyway, this is not important. At least, it shows that he is not professional, he relies on insults, intimidations and lies to save his scammer butt.

He is very angry at me for exposing abundant evidences and facts that cannot be disputed.

Contrary to his self given positive reviews from an anonymous poster supposed to live in South Africa. He had been caught using this username "Ronjo"on his own message board, he said that it was accidendal…What a coincidence.

Also he dared to say that Snowman didn’t know what he was talking about Roulette at VLS forum, whereas Caleb gambles with 5 times the price of Stefano’s small house in Lilydale, lol.

He just relies on lying to prove his point, but people are not na ¯ve and are not convinced by cheap words.
And strangely when he is asked to provide a real proof/fact like connecting to my dublinbet account and turning 1,000€ into 30,000€ like it is stated on his website, then he puts his skirt over his head running like a pussy.

People consider him as a complete joke and clown.

He told me to forget everything about his computer from before.
Now it is a new version “much better”. Regardless what I think, it can be only general opinion based on logic, since I did not see his new product.

He claims Ronjo did my tests on his computer.
Wondering how that is possible if I never explained to Ronjo how to do full test.

For diamond test includes much more
then what is explained at myrulet.com.
If computer doesn’t pass that basic no further testing is required. As it was a previous case.

If it does then there is more to be done.

What he claims, 15 spins predicted out of 100 is pointless.
His computer did predict in only CW ball direction. It means to play 200 spins to be able to get 15 spins reasonably predicted on slightly tilted wheel. (I do not know did he fix his computer to predict and for ACW. )
But to limit computer to respond only to 15% of conditions is useless, it means computer can’t handle all possible ball speeds and predict according to it. Computer should have no limit to ball speed and should predict according to any.

Did Ronjo use fixed amount of clocked ball rotations or he had to clock it until the ball comes in 15% ball time range. If so then Stefano even gave up in predicting in different ball rotations and uses simple Barnett’s algorithms.

Apply simple algorithm as Barnett is using for tilted wheel prediction limit time window to lets say 1000-1030ms (15%) and you can get same result. (Of course that the ball most likely will hit same diamond.) The difference is that Barnett explains what it is and never claimed anything else.

Additional question is what has happened to remaining 85 spins.
It is not logical that none of them hit same diamond as Stefano claims.
“Ronjo would have been able to see that when the computer announced “risk”, the target diamond was not hit.”
You can not call it dominant diamond and in same time say it had only 15 hits in 100 spins. “It is important to note the dominant horizontal diamond is right between two dominant vertical diamonds.”

Since Stefano is claiming that his computer calculates function and that it can predict in any rotation.
Did Ronjo test prediction at different times during single spin to check for consistency?
No information was given.
Did Ronjo test on single spin if he clock rotor at one position and ball at opposite will result be same or opposite. If it is same it would be obvious that computer predicts with basic tilted wheel algorithms. …etc…etc .

Ronjo may be genuine guy, but he is not qualified to do my test.
All he did was what Stefano told him to do. Even with that there was a problem so Stefano sent him different program.

Bago, it took you 3 months to understand that you purchased a lemon from Stefano not a roulette computer and that was with all my explanations. Since you’ve tested Mark Howe’s computer Stefano’s and mine; now you can say that you understand it much better, and I could clearly see by questions you’ve asked me, but you have to admit that it takes some understanding to do it properly.

Now guys I really do not want to be involved in this, since Stefano claims I am a competitor. It is not only posts but MSN conversations as well. If you go to chat room and write Stefano’s computer, Chatboot says to talk about something more useful. That’s for a reason.

So please move your discussion about the test to VLS forum where it started.

If Stefano wants to prove that he improved his computer let him prove. He is proving for past few years.
If he looks enough convincing and if he become any threat to casinos, casinos will buy it as well, same as they did with FFZ and FFA to investigate it.

You can’t discuss something as Ronjos test if you did not see it or if you didn’t see how it was tested, what it was tested, on what it was tested. Why don’t you ask Ronjo questions?

I have a good player in SA close to him, he can help him with test.

“He told me to forget everything about his computer from before.”

But people won’t forget his computer was sold for 5,000$ and was supposed to obtain a 1 in 16 hit rate on modern level wheels and 1 in 10 against tilted wheels.
That’s why i purchased it, but the deception was huge after testing.

His Roulette scams are exactly the same modus operandi as his Stock market scam for which he went to jail: the rentench stock’s price was supposed to rise as per Stefano’s honest words, but it was false, misleading informations for what? for Stefano’s own profits.

Stefano would have lost much less by simply acknowledging that his computer had/have problems to predict, but he wouldn’t/won’t never do that since he claimed that his computer was dramatically accurate from the start.
Now, he is himself acknowledging the contrary.

Put it this way.

For long time I do not know of anybody who complained.
So or Stefano improved his computer or nobody is buying it any more.

Last person was Yous who purchased his genuine winner system few months ago.
He is disappointed with GW he received but Stefano claims if Yous did not complain he would teach him and visual prediction as Laurance teaches. Since he teaches that he claims GW can’t be a scam. Well I do not classify Laurence’s cross pattern as a scam, but that is his system and he techs it, so what is GW then?

Now it looks as it is a training course, where Stefano teaches other peoples systems.
When someone purchases system for $2,500 he would expect to receive system that works. He paid and he doesn’t need to listen “I can’t give you my real system because I do not trust you enough”, instead here is my GW a basic dealer signature so see how you go with it.
No matter how positively I am trying to understand such approach I just can’t find logic.

I also can’t understand why Stefano goes through all that sh… and do not refund unhappy people if he made so much money by playing his systems. He wouldn’t have such problems, and anyway as in Youses case he even did not supply him or teach him with anything useful.

Yous bought FF and he is happy, he bought Jefco’s system he is happy with it.
So, I wouldn’t say he is a hard customer.

Look yeah, the thing with stefano is his ebook is all over the internet. You can see he writes a paragraph of 500 words for his VB system thats it, he doesnt teach u anything its just loads of bullshit.

And ofcourse after i complained he will say that he was going to send me dvds and teach me VB, its convinient for him to say that. OFCOURSE he would, to make me look bad. But anyways, we will soon find out, hopefully.

Jafco didnt sell me his system, HE TAUGHT ME HIS SYSTEM, AND HIS DEALER SIGNATURE, AND IF I VISIT HIM SOMETIMES, HE TEACHES ME HOW TO USE HIS COMPUTER AS WELL. so i get first hand training form jafco, ofcourse im gonna be good at it. and be happy, because his giving me more then i ask for. More then i could ever ask for.

Forester, sold me his computer, and he has never ever, said that he was busy or anything when i asked him for help. He has a detailed explaination of setting up his computer, and he SENT ME THE PRACTISE DVDS, with the computer, he didnt say that he was going to send it later, that shows that he is honest and was true to his word. Because of this forum i have met loads of very experienced players through forester who help me with everything as well.

It is very unfortunate that i had to deal with stefano and lost a significant amount of money. But well some lessons are learned the hard WAY.

Im still more then happy to help people out. 00447598888440, this is my number, im a true purchaser of all the systems and computers mentioned above. If any 1 is in any doubt or confusion, feel free to call me. I hope this helped.


Stefano is again lying, pretexting only basic features were used in the DVD that’s why the results are bad?.
Lol, in this demonstration he used his “risk” feature, meaning he input 10 wheel speed values, and if you clock the wheel and it is outside this range, the computer does not give prediction.
He does not have error control for the ball, you could clock the ball revolutions badly, you would still get a prediction with Stefano’s computer.
He gets a prediction 6 seconds before the ball drops. Despite all of that, he claims only basic features were used. My gosh, he is a pathological liar seriously.

The guy looks as a psycho maniac.

In state of madness.

He wants me to say his new computer is good even I have no idea about it.

Start sending me threatening emails again. ::slight_smile:

Hi Forester,

I read that Stefano wants to go again to court. Obviously the guy likes to be ridiculized in public like you did to him. He must be mazochist or something like that.

Anyway, i suggest you point those facts to court:

  1. Stefano self-reviewed his own system and computer on the website: www.roulettesystemreviews.com, pretexting he was not the author of the reviews and that he didn’t own the website.

  2. Stefano advertised a hit rate of 1 in 16 on modern level wheels on his website, despite the fact he just acknowledged that his computer error margin in predictions was between 8 and 12 pockets. This simply does not add up.

  3. Stefano claims his players win 30K every week and also at online casinos with his system, whereas when i was his player he told me that all his players was struggling at online casinos (See original email i sent you for you to bring to court).

  4. Stefano claims his computer can predict the part of the diamond striked and even when the ball bounces forward and backward (the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard), you can show to the court the results achieved by his computer with his qualification DVD, which are very far from what the crook claims.

  5. Stefano refused to give money-back to many players who asked for it after having discovered he is a scammer, despite the money back guarantee advertised on his websites. I even didn’t get 200% refund, only 100% of the purchase price of the computer, contrary to what is advertised.

  6. Stefano claimed that your device is not effective on modern and especially level wheels, that it is a simple timer. Casino consultant Mike Barnett, and you can also refer me as one of Stefano ex player, that i tested your computer and it is accurate even on wheels set level, and much more precise and effective than genuinewinner computer.

All the above points are valid and reflects the entire truth, you will again ridiculize Stefano, and i hope this time wreck him once and for all, so that we do not hear him again.

Oh and Stefano, stop making assumptions without any kind of evidence will you, can you tell where am i embarrassed, quite the contrary my little pig, my website is annoying you because abundant evidences are shown with FACTS and hard proof, will you also deny that you asked my host to have removed your qualification DVD where your computer obtains very poor result?. And i am the one embarrased, gosh, you really live in a fantasy world.

So in your opinion everybody hates me and everybody likes you, hmm, then how come 12 people at VLS forum, the major gambling forum in your opinion, voted that you are a scammer and only 1 voted you are genuine (i believe it is yourself).
But instead of acknowledging people consider you a complete joke and waste of time, mainly because i provided real proofs, and you can’t fight hard facts my little pig, no matter how strong or how many times you repeat on your message board that i am a dickhead, a moron, an incompetent.
Insults won’t hide truth, never, will you learn? certainly not, scamming is your business.

You claim i am a child who can’t change his opinion and that i hate everybody, you are a fucking bullshiter, i’ve shown that i can change my point of view, take the example of Forester, at first i thought he was a scammer like you because he sold a similar device which had the same working principles. My bad experience with you forced me to believe Forester was another scammer. But as i am an adult and have common sense, i decided to give it a go and tested his device to see if it would be any different to yours, and to my surprise, it IS. It is an accurate device, but Forester does not live in a fantasy world like you, he clearly states that it is not a money tree, contrary to your empty promises (30K a week and so on), which is absolutely garbage considering the fact your device is inferior.

You still rely on the same tactics trying to convince people your products are genuine, either with self reviews a la www.roulettesystemreviews.com where you were caught giving yourself full stars for your system and computer (good luck for your court case). This is manipulation and misleading informations, does it remind you something you did in the past and caused you to be thrown to jail?.
Obviously not, a criminal stay a criminal. You want to play with fire, and surely you will get burnt.

On a final note, the only way you will have all the materials removed about you is connecting to my dublinbet account with a starting bankroll of 1,000€, and turning this amount into 30,000€ in one week like you advertise on your website.

You simply cannot do it, because you have absolutely not what you claim you have. All you get to beat online casinos is your dealer signature bullshit, therefore it is understandable you can’t show any sort of evidence of the misleading informations and empty promises provided in your websites.

Truth is your testimonials are fake, probably from affiliates who get 50% of the sale price when they find a fish.
Your screenshots at Casinowebcam have been tampered with Photoshop.
Your online Casinos demo are shortcuts of winning streaks only. Noone can know the starting balance, therefore noone can know if a profit has been achieved or not.

So, again, if you want me to disappear, to have my website removed and all other materials published against you, simply stop druiling on my name you little no life and show to everybody that you can back up your claims like a genuine guy.

For sure anyone who would be treated as a scammer by the majority of people and who would have really something else than dealer signature bullshit, WOULD accept this challenge.

But of course, what will happen is you will give excuses like you don’t win money for a moron like me, or other pathetic excuses.
Take my word, all the winnings you would eventually get would be transferred to your bankaccount.

Your friend Bago, who predicts Stefano will run crying like a little girl with his skirt over his head, because you are… A SCAMMERRRRRRRR!!!

He is worst then Mark in his madness attacks.
I really do not understand why he is winging now.

He is the one who goes around forums and wants to talk about his test. When people discuss it he starts crying.
I really do not understand him; all over forums he writes I should have red face after his test.
Why should I, his test explanation is so stupid, and even if it is with perfect results why should I be red faced, he claims that he improved software. I only commented what his computer was before.

He can go to curt as much as he wants, but this time it will not be a free shot at government’s expenses with vexatious claims just to annoy me. He knows that I will make a counter claim. So let it be.
Of course if he makes complaint to civil matter I will request that hearing is moved to my local court.

Accuse me of stalking when I live 1800 km from him is very dirty claim. More stupid is his explanation that at court he wants to discuss testing of his computer. I mean who with healthy mind can put this two together.

Poor Stefano he goes now through case analyzing what he could say better at court, he sent me that in email. Saying next time he will do it differently. He even says that I was lying at court. That he will bring papers that he owns property and that he is not poor. What an idiot.
As if I care. I always say that he did make some reasonable money form sales. Only I do not understand how he could use government’s legal aid if he is wealthy with regular income. Legal aid is to help poor people.

I got it

"Forester is fighting for the ability to publish private material to upset me, and I'm not going to let him. Oh dont worry bago and mark, I wont forget you guys - I dont want you to feel left out. It is just easier to focus on the local issues first."

Just it doesn’t make any sense to me.