FFA and outcome prediction!

I presented the 2 Videos that I made at some ppl that was curious about what FFA can do and their reaction was:

“I don t care the FFA to predict accuratly the STRIKE POINT…I want to see what Margin it can gain at predicting the final OUTCOME!!!”

Even if i explained them WHAT is the importance of the strike point prediction…they didn t care! ;D

they were all the time repeating me that they need to see FF in action predicting OUTCOMES…

Of cource this reaction was preety expected ,because these ppl have never HEARD or understood or study anything about Advantage play…

So the list I could DO was to make 1 more video to show them… what they had the need to see!

the video speaks for itself!

I would like U to count the wins and the losses and see if we were betting 1 number or 3 numbers or 5 numbers or 7 numbers(preciction + the neibours) what would be our margin and out profit.

thank u.

the BAD was that the batterry of my camera finished and the Video is 11+ minutes 15 predictions…I wanted to do 20.
The worst was that i did 1 more prediction(recorded only half predict because the camera closed from battery) and FF predicted the exact number! HEHE!!

BUT no problem at all…the 15 spins can show a lot!

FFA showed all in this video…
1)the power and the importance of e4
2)that it can take the best advantage on 2 pin game
3)and finaly that it CAN predict final outcomes ;D

The video will be uploaded in some minutes :slight_smile:

Unfortunately the Video is more than 10 minutes and Youtube doesn t upload it…it removes it!!! >:(

But i am spliting it now in 2 parts and i will upload them again :wink:

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

10 minutes… ;D ;D cmon Viper

You can’t blame someone for something that he can’t understand.

Objective of roulette computer or any other advancer roulette prediction is to predict ball drop point on rotor.

If the computer can do it reasonably well from that point there are only 2 options that can happen.
The ball on particular wheel may bounce at come place more often than on the other and we can take advantage of that.

Or, the ball bouncing may be too wide and when combined with our prediction may give us only small advantage which may not be recognisable to the player.

To see computers accuracy of predictions, if we look prediction-point on rotor, we do not need many spins to see if the computer is performing well. If we were looking prediction vs. final number we may need many more spins since final results are multiplexed with deviation of ball bouncing.
In usual people who presents products make very deceiving videos.

Using wheel where the ball doesn’t bounce much, use selection of good hits, or even edit video.
Reality of ball bouncing that can be found in real game is as displayed on graphs in this post.

If we look your accuracy of prediction it wouldn’t be hard to understand, if you were playing this wheel you would need to add offset of 12 pockets and have advantage of about 100% if the rotor is spinning at about 5-6 sec per rotation (blue line).

With increased rotor speed to 2.5 sec per rotation you can see that pick point A gradually reducing, slightly shifting and becoming point B (red line). The FF will follow it. With high rotor speed you can also see new created point C. It should be played if the rotor is fast.
The FF can be set to automatically switch but you would need analyse hundreds of spins to be confident before then you do it. In usual the best is play 3.5 sec or slower rotor and do not worry about it. If the dealer is deliberately changing rotor speed with so great difference there must be a reason for it and it may be better to leave the table.

To show that on video you would need to record hundreds of spins and most people wouldn’t understand it. The would probably tell you but i have seen video with better predictions.
On videos you made you do not need to worry about that since the rotor is very slow with constant ball bouncing area, advantage is very clear and easy to notice.

I am happy for you since six months ago you come here with “tabula rasa”.
Last thing you need to learn is order of number on the wheel. Also on the table, since not always you can see the numbers on the table because of already placed chips.
I can use 2 stacks of chips (40) and place them on table, covering ~12 pockets, with more chips on number closer to prediction, in less than 3 sec. So to place it on 7 pockets takes me less than 2 sec.

Yes Toka …I upload Video and it told me it is longer than 10 mins and it is removed…

Now i downloaded a program and i split the Video in 2 parts …I have Uploaded the 1 part in U tube But now it tells me : processing please wait…So i wait now and i am uplading also the 2nd part…

Lets see…are we gonna watch these Videos??? :smiley:


part 1


and then camera closed from battery and i hitted exact number again …lol…

can someone calculate the Margin and the win if betting 1 nums or 3 nums or 5 nums or 7 nums?

Do not understand how you could get one spin badly predicted. Are you sure that you didn’t clock rotor opposite?

yes me too…but we can t win all the spins…hehe

I know what was the problem.
You started ball clocking to late,
You know how system is telling you A or B, you actually had prediction in C rotation.
If you start ball clocking too late, with program you have, it can happen on very small percentage of spins.
It was on the edge to call “to late error” new program doesn’t have “too late” because it predicts in any ball rotation.
You can see that after that prediction you have had only 3 rotations left so definitly it was prediction C.
All you should do is to clock 1 or 2 earlier rotations.

Ok mate…U are the disigner :wink:

when i will have the new program I will put it to the TEST too. :wink:

:smiley: :smiley: The test is good! Maybe viper can be a ffa sales agent in your country. :wink:

hehe…unfortunatly all ppl in my country are just gamblers! ;D

All is good , but really not all. So what is bad ? Bad is that - in theese video is very easy to win without any computer. I even not see the ball ( bad quolity) and stll have advantage 60% and more. And do prediction maybe 3-5 sec earlier , than viper.

NOone told that this wheel is Dificult…

and we could do a more early prediction too if i was setting diferent acurasy to FF…(problem was that the spins was short…

I could even use UNLIMITED system and have prediction almost at start of the spin,…But i chose this accurasy to have max benefits and also the ball after prediction was making 4 rev out…so u can bet in casinos(at least at mine)


Looks good but why would you post this in a public section?
Viper where did you get your wheel from?

Sometimes there sounds like more than one numbers. Is this unimited or the computer being set to two number predictions?

This is video from Jafco


U are the only one that hear 2 numbers ;D

FFA is not capable of pronaunce 2 diferent numbers and it was not FF-U

check again