FFA and 2 PIN GAME, video

Last night I had a beautifull dream in my sleep that FFA can take advantage in 2 pins and not give us e4 when ball is hitting in the less dominiand Diamond. ;D

The beautifull Dream looked like this:

FFA 2 pins


PS:In first spin FF tells me the exact strike number 30…but because i don t know wheel order very well(it was oposite because of oposite rotor clocking) i say 36.…still close :stuck_out_tongue:

It is your surprice for your birthday Forester :wink:

I hope you will all enjoy my 1st FF Video

ive never laughed in all my life so hard

well done Viper5

are you still alive

I am glad u liked it mate ;D ;D ;D ;D

ofcource I am alive!!!

I want to see what Forester will say when he will wake up and see this Video wile eating breakfast!

I think he is gonna laugh so Much that he will take the breakfast out of his nose!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D

Security man SPOT ON!!!


I hope now all Newbies will understand why FF is very accurate and why we Love Forester :slight_smile:

Hi Viper,

I’m new here, but spend already a lot of hours reading all the post and watching Forester’s video’s.
I’m expecting my FFA anyday now … :stuck_out_tongue:
I laughed a lot with your video … are you sure your not related to Forester? You sound just like him … LOL :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
Can you explain and share with us how you did set your FFA to predict on the 2 pin’s?

Anyway great demonstration of capabilities of FFA !



Hello Cricri

No i am not realated to Forester it is just that I know Exelent English like him ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D(we went to the same school…hahahhahahha)

In order to take advantage of the second pin (if wheel is slow like in the video ) U must Do PS when the ball will pass the prediction and hits the next PIN.
So FF will predict mostly the speeds that will make a match with the 2nd pin also.and in most cases will give U er4 when the ball will not match the diamond-rotor.
Good choise on FFA…I hope in ur country to have Good wheels.

Hi Viper,

Or you did go to the same school or your too much on the forum … anyway I had a good laugh ;D ;D ;D

Thanks for the explanation, in fact I already tought about sitting the FFA this way, but I didn’t think it was possible so this confirms what I wanted to try.
The FFA keeps surprising me and yet I still have to receive it.
Anyway thanks again for the infomation.

Hear you later


U say “”"“in fact I already tought about sitting the FFA this way”""""



Nice video, viper. I wish every casino had a ball with that scatter. :slight_smile:

yes man…we would be milioners in 1 week :slight_smile:

Man, I was laughing at start but when i noticed that you missed prediction by one pocket it got serious. Maybe i have to work more to improve it. :wink:

Of course that the FF will take advantage in such situations when PS is set.
2 pin relates to rotor speed, not to predictions. With exception because the FF is very accurate timing device so it can differentiate if the ball has speed for exact amount of rotations (X) hit on dominant diamond, or (X-0.75 of rotation) hit on next diamond but still get ok result, or (X+0.25) hit on next diamond but 0.25 rotations later from X and get ERROR 4 because prediction wouldn’t match.

I am happy that you understood that 2 pin is applicable on any system and that the FF is the best even there.
I know you like the old program, but new one would also accurately predict and (X+0.25) you would get e4 only if the ball hits 6 o’clock diamond.
Nice video, good understanding.
;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

What is slow rotor for you?

Please define “from” x sec- “to” x sec.

for me

5 or more sec. per rotation

4 is ok

3 and under is fast

thank you :wink:

Hi Forester

I can buy FFA.
Or only FFZ-T roulette computer and FFV Vibration device

Best Regards

Yes you can, only i do not have any more FFV’s … all gone.

Hi Forester

Ok.Thaks you.

I recorded Video

the website www.videokulicka.zacit.cz

Video 1 - 17
Video 18 - 20 Complete three spins
Video 21 - 25 Complete four spins

You can predict on FFA the number of videos from 1 - 17 ? If yes, you write me numbers.

Notice - You must timing zero just before the start of the balls.
Or after the start of the ball.

Video 1 between 10 - 13 seconds Or 10 - …
Video 2 between 12 - 18 seconds
Video 3 between 11 - 13 seconds
Video 4 between 11 - 15 seconds
Video 5 between 9 - 12 seconds
Video 6 between 5 - 11 seconds
Video 7 between 10 - 15seconds
Video 8 between 7 - 11 seconds
Video 9 between 7 - 10 seconds
Video 10 between 9 -14 seconds
Video 11 between 8 - 14 seconds
Video 12 between 8 - 13 seconds
Video 13 between 6 -11 seconds
Video 14 between 11 - 15 seconds
Video 15 between 6 - 13 seconds
Video 16 between 7 -12 seconds
Video 17 between 9 - 13 seconds

Best Regards


Thanks for answer.

FFA,FFV and FFZ is Best Roulette Computers.
Hahaha - Unfortunately, probably can not predict.

Best Regards

Klass, no need to be ironic especially not when you have lack of understanding.

You made a videos where on each we see where the ball drops then you want us to tell you how from there the ball jumps. Only last few spins we can see how the ball is jumping. Obviously it’s not enough to know what the common ball jump is. You’ll probably need more than 100 spins for that.

On the wheel it looks as you also have many spinners where final result is nothing more than luck which would make things harder for real play. It could be to point where it might be not worth playing that wheel.

An objective of roulette computers or visual prediction is to predict where the ball drops on rotor.

Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQzD1a8maMI&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL shows you that. The goal he places prevents the ball from jumps.
It’s a smart way so he can better highlight his skill on the particular wheel.

The ball jumps are irrelevant to quality of used prediction.
Quality of prediction is something we deal here.

Hi Forester

New video on http://newweb.zacit.cz/

Is wheel and spin OK for you ( for FFA)?

I have more of the same videos.

You can make predict number, if I stop the video before than the ball drops on rotor.
Eg. two spin than the ball drops on rotor.

Best Regards

Hi Klas

How many rotations makes a ball before NMB is called??

Does rotor make a sagnifican change of speed AFTER ball is released?

Our airball machines are shity because rotor change speed after NMB too, so no RC can be used on them.