FF versus Mark Howe computer

Hello all,

Fiew weeks ago I’ve got at the same time two diffrent divices;

  1. Mark’s Howe “roulette computer” . S40_11_2Roulette placed in Nokia 6111 file size 51,2 kB Created 24-10-2006.
  2. Forester FF with IQE6 plus Tilt2.

I tryed both first in real, means casinos, than at home with Gordons spins run on two different DVD players, than again in casinos.

My goal was simple, I wanted to have and use in casinos item which can give me real advantage over the house.
I was not payed by supliers, I payed for both divices.

My final results are:

FF can predict on both leveld and tilted wheels
Mark’s Howe mentioned “program” gives totally random results

My original idea was to show all of you my tests metods, results, show you tables, graphs etc.
I made trully hard work. I can still show to all of you most of my work.
I’m sure that right after someone (nick does not matter ) will claim that metods are wrong, results are unhonest etc… etc…

Instead of long tests, and loooong discusion I have one question to Mark Howe:

Let me chose one nice spin on DVD.
Nice means that during one revolution of the wheel there are 5 revolutions of the ball, and than during next revolution of the wheel are 4 rev. of the ball.
To get a prediction I need to klick:

  1. when 0 meets chosen diamond,
    2,3,4,5, when ball meets chosen diamond= 3 ball rev.
  2. when 0 meets chosen diamond again.

During our nice spin I can make measurments (klicks)

  1. during first wheel rev. 1,2,3th ball rev.
  2. during first wheel rev 2,3,4th ball rev.
  3. during first wheel rev 3,4,5th ball rev.
  4. during secound wheel rev 6,7,8th ball rev.
  5. during secound wheel rev 7,8,9th ball rev.
  6. during first and secound wheel rev. 5,6,7th ball rev.

Nokia “predicts” 4, 7, 10, 3, 13, 1.
My question is: Why results from one spin are so random?

About FF.
System needs practice ( a lot off !!! ), needs knowladge, but in every test and in real play gives advantage.
Till now I’m playing mostly 15 numbers sector. I’ts less profitable, but safe.
My worst result was 22:18 during 40 spins sesion 22 wins 18 lose playing 15 numbers gives profit of 192 single bets.
My best result was 15: 3 during 18 spins sesion gives 270 single bets !

More about FF in next posts.


ABC, I am happy that you managed to understand FF and thankful that you took some time to test both devices and write this post.

When I found out that some buyers of FF owning Stefano’s computer I asked them to do similar test. When they did it and sent me results I could not believe that someone spent so much time promoting computer could not come up with something better than he did, specially when considering price of his computer.

I asked them to talk with Stefano, explaining problem expecting that maybe they didn’t do something right. Stefano’s replay was “why would you repeat same spin few times”. He couldn’t understand purpose of testing. I still didn’t write anything publicly until I had opportunity to test it myself. The results were surprising because no matter what I still would not expect it to produce completely random numbers. So I would strongly suggest that you openly talk with MH to make sure you doing everything right.

*FF can predict on both leveled and tilted wheels

Yes it can, and you results are reasonably good. You did not tell us did you play leveled or tilted wheel. The best result ever on leveled wheel I had from 33 spins 30 hits in sector of 6 numbers. Of course it was good prediction good wheel but also and some luck.

Playing 15 numbers sector may be ok on some wheels, by our tests found that playing 3-5 would be most suitable to generate higher profits and still have consistency of regular hits within played sector. Personally I play 7-9 numbers and I am trying to place them in pyramidal shape, which means more chips on numbers in middle of sector.

In response to some current discussions on forum I will explain here why decided to not use hearing aid with system. It is not so much because it is the easiest to be detected; more important is that it takes a lot from system flexibility and accuracy. During development I could test FF and disable rotor calculation.
Reason for that is to do test on FF’s performance in detecting and calculating ball speed.

Most spins my program could predict within 1 number of accuracy no matter where at which speed or position I clock the ball.
That is how accurate is ball prediction. With rotor clocking is different. We clock only one rotation. Even rotor is much slower we get more error from rotor clocking then from ball clocking. If you carefully look Marks or Stefano’s video presentation, you will hear clocking and you can notice that sometimes clocking is not exact. They miss sometimes even more then 1 pocket. Because there is only one rotation clocked there is no way to have error correction as it is possible with ball clocking, therefore entered data for calculation is wrong.
If rotor is clocked at 15 sec to the end of spin the error of rotor clocked data would multiply by 15 because they must calculate it for all remaining 15 seconds.
Additionally their clocking position must be all the time same and all the time on same number. FF does everything differently, if there is error in rotor clocking it will be multiplied only by time which remains after prediction. Due to that kind of design system does not need exact rotor position, it needs only rotor speed. That give to player additional flexibility so he can clock rotor at any position or at any number and it can be every time different. That combined with same options when we clocking the ball gives player maximum flexibility without any compromising on accuracy, actually keeping it higher.

Also if computer pronounces numbers, you must care in which direction the ball is going. FF does not care, FF calculates time until ball will come to predicted number, and for that does no matter in which direction the ball is going. FF will calculate always right. One less thing to worry about.

Further more, errors in rotor clocking still would not make system producing random numbers as tests are showing. It must be that they still did not find solution of ball clocking and calculating. I think Stefano’s computer even doesn’t try to predict but only to look to detect similar spins, where based on his Genuine Winner system he believes that every wheel has some degree of tilt and that average of averages would produce him result better then 1:35. Mark at his video did demonstrate reasonable prediction, but video is made from few parts so he simply could assemble it from few parts where he had good hits.

Regarding Bob Gordon’s DVD’s his wheel isn’t very good for leveled prediction.
It has significant tilt but more importantly it has lot of deformations on the ball track which on many spins causes ball to unpredictably changes time of traveling. With detailed test I found out that on some spins two balls with same speed could end up, up to 1.5 revolutions different. That isn’t from the start of the spin but only about 10 sec to the end.

*System needs practice ( a lot off !!! ), needs knowladge, but in every test and in real play gives advantage.

You may be correct, it is hard for me to comment it because for me using it is as drinking cup of coffee. I simply do everything automatically without much thinking. I know that some people at start would prefer something easier as hearing aid, but after some time they start likening FF more.

In your case because you already have hearing aid I can send you instructions how to connect induction loop to FF so you can experiment with it.

Instead of zap you can have audio beep signal in your hearing aid.

FF has all timings inside to perform full calculation for remaining rotor shifting needed for hearing aid if we want system to pronounce numbers.

If someone really wants it I may consider developing it.
One option is adding audio chip to current FF, the other option is to use one of already made modules so all needed is to convert FF’s software to suit new processor. Module has it all, processor for calculation, audio chip, module with added small microphone can also respond to voice commands. Whatever it is player will need to have device, receiver, induction loop, and hearing aid. Because of all explained I’ll still use zap.

Hello agin,

As promised, today more about my first expirience with FF.
It’s needless to tell you that I never played roulette before I find out that it could be passible to predict!
I’m gambler but always played black jack. Results you can emagin.
When I decide to stop loesing, and start winning, roulette was the best. I just focus out that it is only matter of measuring wheel and ball speed and some calculations!
I tryed to developed my own system, but in the midtime I realised that idea wasn’t mine!!! Several people around the world had it before me! And, what a nice suprise they have ready solutions.

When I got Mark’s comp and FF in the same time I decidede that Mark’s is better for me.
Nokia calls numbers and that’s it!
There was no zapps, pain, adding or deducting. Pure result, seams perfect! I tryed several times on the same DVD spin ( timing always on the same wheel and ball revolution ) and it was stable ! No matter if I klick slightly later or earlier results was stable! Varied only by 2-3 pockets. So my first reaction for Mark’s comp. was 100% positive.
Much later I realised that in real results are close to 4-6 ( 4 times win, 6 lose )targetting in 15 numbers sector, and offset is random. I mean distance from first hited diamond to where the ball drops. I mean distance from first hited diamond to Nokia’s prediction.
Than I spent hours in casinos on different wheels to proof myself that Mark’s device cannot help me.
Anyway I still think that he is trully close to find good solution if he can focus on hard job instead of discussing on forums how good he is comparing others.

About FF
I started with Tilt2 system on extremally Tilted wheel. About 9 spins from 10 hits dominant diamond, but wheel was strange! Balltrack was made out of stone instead wood. Thanks to that spins are fast and loong, avarage 30-33 ball revolution.
I had prediction once for 10-15 spins! O.K. If I had prediction it was accurate or close to, but it was impassible to play with such a seldom prediction.
When I made several timings of the ball with stopwach i focused out that there are extra “waves” on the graph of ball speed. So wheel wasn’t good for prediction. I change casino immidiatelly.
Other two tilted wheels was nice and give me very good results ( standard Huxley wooden wheels), but…
On both wheels dominant diamond was that one which was hardest to observe. I didn’t decide to run around the table to place my bets, than run back for clocking and run back again. Results are close to perfect, huge hit rate but impossible to play in casino envoierment.

The best results till now I had on leveld or close to leveld wheels with IQE6 system.
This is only a matter of:

  1. expirience, both in klicking and knowing wheel.( I mean numbers, where they are and distance )
  2. finding good wheel.
  3. finding good dealer.
    In every play, no matter if I play with bets or “play” just for tests I had positive results.
    I’m playing always 15 numbers sector.
    I know perfectly that playing narrower sector generate much better profit, but I prefer safe play.
    I’m playing always with small stuck, and when I’m playing 15 numbers right after secound spin (3th the latest) I’m permanent over my oryginal stuck. I’ just playing with casinos money! Then it is enought to keep oryginal bets or raise the bets only when I can repeat bets 3-4 times still betting with winning money. It’s slower way but nearly 100% sure.
    In my opinion only with that metod I can treat casino as a bank terminal, or milky cow. :)This is hard job especially for the gambler, but as I told you it is SAFE. No matter that after recalculation results from sesion I could win even 3 times more betting 5-8 numbers sector, when i.e. first 5-7 spins could be wrong, miss by one or two pockets! I hardly prefer betting with winning money.

More next time…

abcde123 it is good play, and some good decisions based on understanding what can be done what can’t.

*Results are close to perfect, huge hit rate but impossible to play in casino envoierment.

There is only one mistake that you have made.

On tilt as you described you could produce huge advantage.
You do not have to do clocking on dominant diamond; it can be done on any.
But once you set it on one diamond you can not change it, you must use it for every spin or reset system and do setting on the other diamond.

If you want to play both directions, and for example if dominant diamond is at 12 o’clock. You can do clocking at 12, or you can do it at 6 it will be still symmetrical for both direction. But if you set it at six you cannot change it to 12 or vice versa. Of course clocking on 6 will produce all results shifted by 180 deg.
Annoying part is that it gives only 50% of spins predicted. Sometimes it can be very frustrated. If wheel is so much tilted it would be worth going back, you will have advantage as much as scatter allows you or even higher because of some special calculations.

Tilted system that you have is designed to predict only 50-60% of spins but with higher accuracy. New chip does about 80%.
The problem on that stone wheel probably was that deceleration was to slow.
I would not say that it was outside FF’s limits but that prediction changed to be much earlier compared to test spins you have. On that wheel you should change system to accuracy 1 and prediction will probably be earlier then on BG spins.

There is something I do not understand.

At first post you wrote

*Nokia "predicts" 4, 7, 10, 3, 13, 1. My question is: Why results from one spin are so random?

In next post you say

*No matter if I klick slightly later or earlier results was stable! Varied only by 2-3 pockets.

What I am missing here?

Nokia gives stable results when I clock on the same wheel and ball revolution, it is true.
i.e. klick at first time 0 meets diamond than first 3 ball rev, than again 0.
When you klick ball at 2,3,4th rev results are also stable but far from results from 1,2,3 bal rev.
Is that clear ?
'Prediction" depands from which ball rev. you chose for timing !!!

In my previos post I made ne important mistake;

Instead of sentence:
I mean distance from first hited diamond to where the ball drops.
Should be:
I mean distance from first hited diamond to Nokia’s prediction.


Hello Forester,

Tilt2 system could be clocked on opposit diamond? Nice to know. So now they are mine!!!
O.K. need 2-3 days and then I’ll let you know my results in real play.


ABC,If I understand correct, you are saying if you clock ball at different revolutions you get different results. Numbers that you wrote are all over the wheel.That isn’t good at all because when you play you do not know which revolution you make ball clocking.Consider doing additional test (on same spin, same rotation), where you will shift all clocking by 90 deg. System MUST produce same number as previous result or it should be very close to it.


By shifting it in steps of 90deg you can find out exactly how much his prediction is losing with every 50ms of ball time difference. For example, if one rotation you get predicted zero and rotation after that you get 34, if you shift clocking in steps of ¼ of rotation you should get something as 0, 19,2, 25,34. Or his prediction is completely random. If numbers 4, 7, 10, 3, 13, 1 are in order as your delay of clocked spins  it does not make any sense.Yes with tilt 2 you can do clocking at any position, but it isn’t as IQE6 where you can every spin change it.

With tilt 2 if you set system on one diamond you must continue using that same diamond while you play.It does not have to be zero or 180 deg it could be also for example + 90 in ball direction, but then if ball is in the other direction you must do same to make it symmetrical.Also take notice because on some tilted wheels when ball is going in different direction it may produce different results. So you may end up with very good results in one direction while in the other it may be that offset is shifted or that advantage is reduced.It would need some experience, so clocking point for that direction needs to be shifted and offset readjusted.Additionally, when you play at some predicted spins after prediction you will get few very fast pulses.

They are only indication that detected ball speed is very close to ball speed used for system setting, therefore you should expect same hit on diamond and similar result. If in the other ball direction you get those pulses and ball misses diamond you should know that system is not set well for that direction. So play only one ball direction or try to shift clocking point that direction.Also have in mind that scatter on tilted wheel may develop differently then if it was leveled wheel. It is because the ball is hitting diamonds wider area. Two pick points may be created therefore consider playing only one with reduced amount of covered numbers.And finally if with IQE6 you managed to get good result with tilt 2 expect to get much higher return.

I am not talking here about 10% to 20% but more likely 100-200% TIPFF is self adjusting system, it starts with default values but it will tune itself to most of the wheels within few spins. If playing tilted system good advice is to not set system at first clocked spin, wait few spins until system gets some data about the wheel so it can make better decision how and where to format time window for prediction.Decision of prediction is not made based on one ball rotation it uses some parts of IQE6 program to increase accuracy. If wheel specification is much different then defaults after system fully sets you may end up with much less predicted spins. I would like to know at which accuracy level did you play and what was remaining time after prediction until ball stops.

No matter if I klick slightly later or earlier results was stable! Varied only by 2-3 pockets. So my first reaction for Mark's comp. was 100% positive.

It should not be stable, 2-3 pockets is huge in roulette prediction, It is about 100ms difference. If you do same with FF after the system is set it will not predict because system will know that clocking is very bad. If clocking mistake is up to about 40ms that may result in up to 9 number of error. IQE6 will reduce it to 0- 3 numbers.
You may get stable results as you described only if system works as for tilted wheel prediction, but then result of next rotation should be same.

Today I received email from someone who also recently bought Marks phone
I can tell only one thing, it does not look good at all.

Perhaps that may explain why Mark recently created so many different pages trying to sell under different name.

Because I never worked with hearing aid, I would like to know how far induction loop can be from you. Can you get it if it is few meters away? If not I think with pumping more power it can be smartly used.
And would it be any better if instead of zap you get beep in HA and someone else does clocking from few meters away.

Hello Forester,

Yes you understand correct; different revolutions gives me different resuts.
Different means all over the wheel!!!
What is redeculous, later clocking which should produce better results ( ball is slower so timing should be more accurate ) gives also strange results. Prediction jumps arroud the wheel. It does not make any sense.
In my opinion discussion about Mark’s product is waste of time.
For me was also waste of money.


If anyone want to have genuine Nokia roulette computer with hearing aid I’ll sell it for $500.
O.K. $400.
Still too much?
Give me your price.

Hello Forester,

I check HA wich I have.
There was no specification, technical data etc. I know nothing about producer and model.

My HA loesing signal 50-60 cm from the induction loop.

Additionaly in my opinion HA is easy to recognise by casino security staff.
-it’s well known from years and card players used to have it.
-there is a transmition between loop and speaker, so it could be scanned
-when user have short hairs you can see it, speaker or at minimum short transparent plastic wire.


Hello Forester,

Accuracy level:
I’m trying to play always latest prediction passible. It always depends on dealer, how strong he/she spins and when they call NMB.
Usually I play level 2&3.
On wheels which I play it is always 6 and 9 spins before end.

It is nice to hear that you are still working on your system to make it better and better. On the beginning I had several ideas how to adjust your system, to make it more familiar for the beginners. Now I know that all my ideas was stupid. All except one.
I would like to have possibility of changing-adjusting accuracy during play without loosing good calibration, and all data about offsets.
I know that new calibration is fast and easy, offsets is only matter to shift in proper direction, but sometimes I prefer to wait for new dealer instead of changing well tuned calibration.
It happens very often that offset is different in both ball directions, and additionally it varied from the dealer! Yes, it is hard for me to explain why but, offset depends also from the dealer! I know it from practice.

Disadvantage of FF.

Till now I can see only one but really big disadvantage of using FF.
It works pretty good, so sooner or later casino staff will know how it works, where we place it and how we do clocking!

Even now I use my own custom made switch, and custom made system compartment (batteries are separate) and I’m placing device in different places. I’m thinking also about tensometric switch placed on totally hidden muscle (guess where) he,he,he.


forester writes as customer review his own product , english is extremely poor, but improves, it is too obvious, these sites are crazy

Hello Nowegian from Shiefild,

Do you realy need photos of your Nokia, or better video clip how it predict on Gordons spins.
If so do not hestitate and ask me.

Maybe you will take responsibility, take your product back and refund my costs?


*My HA loesing signal 50-60 cm from the induction loop.

Hmm… then not much usage of that.

*On wheels which I play it is always 6 and 9 spins before end.

Feedbacks I have telling me that we should not play earlier then 6 spins.
It also matches my analyzes of prediction and my experience. But then again it is very dependant on wheel quality. If it works play it if doesn’t do not play.
I hope that you understand to interpret system data after setting to know remaining time in seconds.

*It is nice to hear that you are still working on your system to make it better and better.

Yes I just finished conversion to new chip which is compatible with old one and can be replaced. http://myrulet.com/forums/index.php/topic,203.msg1990.html#msg1990

*On the beginning I had several ideas how to adjust your system, to make it more familiar for the beginners. Now I know that all my ideas was stupid. All except one.

No idea is stupid, you never know what your idea can trigger in someone else’s mind.

*I would like to have possibility of changing-adjusting accuracy during play without loosing good calibration, and all data about offsets. I know that new calibration is fast and easy, offsets is only matter to shift in proper direction, but sometimes I prefer to wait for new dealer instead of changing well tuned calibration.

It is possible and I was thinking about that same as about many other options.
With FF whatever you do not like is there for reason other way it would be removed or if it is not there there are strong reasons for that.

FF is simple device but it does complicated calculations and it does a lot of it. After clocked data it performs about 100 calculations to sort it out, to store it to analyze it and to predict.
To make everything easier for me I am using microcontroller registers which are storing data in 0-255 if I want more I need to use 2 or 3 of them.
So basic of system is one register. Timing is done in 0.001 ms intervals but calculation is done in milliseconds. Average roulette wheels mostly used in casinos have differences in between spins of about 200ms. That perfectly fits within one register with upper tolerance up to 255 and lover 120 which I set. When you changing accuracy the system use still the same but only increases value of one additional register and that shifts prediction by (256/difference) rotations. So from example it would be 256/200. It is greater then one so to make it one the system would need to make additional calculation which later on would be added/subtracted to compensate for change.
It can be easy implemented but all system resources are focusing all collected data to only narrow time window to achieve highest accuracy. What was learned in that time window does not have to be applicable to next one because ball may decelerate differently at different moments. As it is, FF after few spins knows what should be ball deceleration at any ball speed. But it cannot know what it would be in next time frame so calculation may be incorrect. Probably it would not be so much of error but it may be enough to confuse player. So he would still have to find everything from start, only it would not be so much difference. If you understudy this and if you do some test you can easy find out by how much prediction will shift from one level to the other but you can use it in casino only if wheel has similar specification. If I extend time window, then more spins will be needed for system to learn and accuracy will drop.

Good to know. With tilt 2 system if you change it you still should have everything same as long as you use same diamond for clocking.

I did think about many other options such as
Finding offset automatically, (decision not to, close to imposiable and to complicated, if it is not close to 100% why to bother )

[u]After defining offset set manually. [/u] 

(No, FF is simple that would complicate it. FF even does not use display if it does then probably I would do it but adding display increases size and my objective is to reduce it) If someone does not know order of numbers on the wheel then he is better of to never play roulette.

[u]Saving played data so next time you can continue from same. [/u] 

Well next time is next time it may be same but it does not have to be so there is not much usage of that, but it would require more zaps and settings.

Because of this Norwegian 2 days ago I lost for pages of writing about new chip.
I was writing replay to his entertaining posts and by mistake I copied it in support forum where should be chip description. I thought I copied description and closed program without saving. I still sort of like him, I do not know about you but when I read his posts in combination with his picture I laugh so much, I really mean it.

*Even now I use my own custom made switch, and custom made system compartment (batteries are separate) and I'm placing device in different places. I'm thinking also about tensometric switch placed on totally hidden muscle (guess where) he,he,he.

Current FF still uses AA batteries that takes lot of space.
Yes some people take board out and make their own modification how to use it. Since I did not hear from you for long time I thought you tried to put FF inside your ear.

*I'm thinking also about tensometric switch placed on totally hidden muscle (guess where) he,he,he.

LOL, you can try everything you want, who knows maybe one day you find that FF works as penis enlargement as well. If I give it to Stefano for Marketing I will probably make more then selling it as roulette computer.

FF will probably end up on 1x1.5 cm board with battery and switch included.
On the other side will be 2 golden plates for guess what ;D.

Recently someone gave me idea to make it to be used in mouth in between teeth. Or as an insertion if you missing one. It may be good since good friend of mine works with dental materials. I only do not know how to protect switch from moisture. Maybe for switch to use magnetic, and close it completely including rechargeable battery, where charging can be done by induction. But what if someone swallows it. Maybe zaps will increase his metabolism and he may lose weight.

*forester writes as customer review his own product , english is extremely poor, but improves, it is too obvious, these sites are crazy

Norwegian, sure, the reason of my existence is to badly review honest and smart people as you and Stefano.
For you it is crazy for some it is valuable and informative, for me when I read your posts is very entertaining. So there is something for everybody.

hello Forester,

LOL, you can try everything you want, who knows maybe one day you find that FF works as penis enlargement as well.

;D ;D ;D
You can trust me IT REALLY WORKS.
After several positive visits in casinos mine is longer ;D ;D ;D

Is that what she told you?

Was next, “I’ve seen beautiful shoes but they are so expensive.”

I am interested why Abc123 has still got S_40 program which was posted as faulty on Mark Howe’s message board for customers 2 months ago and was asked to be returned to be reloaded with S42_roulette. I never saw ABC123 posts there if they are a genuine customer. IF they view the videos at Marks private message board you will see footage of the tests taken from one spin repeated at different quadrants, prediction is still within 2-3 pockets. It is also accurate if taken anywhere within the spins. Have you not seen this?

I have had Mark Howe’s Roulette phone for 9 months and I had problems at first for the first three weeks, so I went to see him. I live far away, but it was within driving distance. I had not complained, but would win with ease some nights, then other nights would lose.

After Mark watched me for some time, he asked me a few questions about setting up and wheel evaluation and I was doing something wrong that stopped me winning. I have never looked back since, my well spent time with him helped me evaluate wheels correctly and set up the correct parameters on most wheels successfully. All this important extra information is at the message board for his users. I play in the UK , but I have played in France too. I lost first night in France(Drinking to much wine LOL), but won the other 8 nights of play. not a fortune, but a few thousand Euros, it is better to take a little every night then draw attention.

You are right about the accuracy ABC, if you click even a couple of numbers out, it only deviates by a couple of pockets which is very good, but you will only get this result on level wheels with any device, not on tilted wheels as explained at Mark Howe’s message board. Are you playing a tilted wheel or one with major defects? All wheels have some defects according to Mark. Watch Marks video showing time every quadrant on roulette wheel that is level and tilted. Mark Explains with mathematics why this effect occurs with tilted wheels. I have a degree in Physics, but did not study this area of mathematics, so it is all new to me, plus it was many years ago.

This thread stating FF versues Mark Howe computer is fair if you are using S42_roulette, not the faulty S40_roulette. Then it would be a serious test that I would be interested in.

I am going to post a link to Mark Howe’s message board and invite some more of Mark Howe’s users that have done well with Howe’s phone device to come and view this thread , it appears to be a bit one sided.

I would also be interested in other device users that have done well with roulette computers , maybe foresters device, I chat personally on the phone and the net Howe’s other successful Users. I have a Wedding in the morning, otherwise I would be out playing right now.

Please don’t contact me if wish to talk about Stefano Hourmouzis, I am another one of his unfortunate victims that luckily through Mark Howe Got a full refund back. I also purchased a computer from another Vendor in London which was the Newton roulette computer, again, this did not work.

I would like Mark Howe to welcome you to his site, it would be good if all of us collectively chatted to improve products, wheel evaluation and casino methods deployed to stop us using devices.

I do not know let’s see what ABC have to say.
It looks as Mark sold many phones with faulty software.

Instead jumping up and down, pretending to be Viking with horns, accusing me of writing these posts, he should be dealing with problems.

If he can fix it, looks to me that ABC would prefer to use it because of hearing aid.
I know some are complaining, it is too many wires but it is personal choice.

*You are right about the accuracy ABC; if you click even a couple of numbers out, it only deviates by a couple of pockets which is very good.

It isn’t good because if he does it one rotation later prediction is completely different which means that computer doesn’t calculate well or can not detect ball speed with good enough precision.

I would like to say hi To everyone on the forum from the US

I came here after seeing a thread on Mark Howe’s message board about a customer claiming his products do not work.

I deal in courts of Law and always you can be assured, one has to ask ones self what is the motive of any dialogue or words?, for no one posts a message, writes a letter, communicates within anyone without them trying to portray a message. it is in a Court of Law that one is asked to reveal the hidden agenda behind communication between different parties and to obtain the facts.

The message from ABC on this site has a public email address in Poland which allows people to ask him directly what is wrong with the product.

My first question to ABC is why, after only having the product for a short while, did he not once complain to Mark Howe about the product?.

This is in the first instance, highly suspicous and most dubious. It was purchased several weeks ago and ABC has a problem with the product, one would assume that in all cases they would complain to the supplier.

What better way of a competitor to discredit someone else that to purchase the competitors product under a fake name and claim it does not work?

So ABC can hopefully answer why he has not complained officially to the Vendor in all this time that has passed?

Some of the S-40 roulette programs were faulty, but not all, only a very small amount, yet you forester Quote; “It looks as Mark sold many phones with faulty software.”

I would like to inform you that this is slanderous Forester, to claim it looks like, is to incite belief, it is not factual, the word " Many" in a court of Law implies you know at least 5 or more of Mark Howe’s customers you could name in a court of Law with his phone that have reported it as faulty.

You also claim Mark Howe’s product has to many wires, well there is only two, a courts definition is a “couple” of wires or “two”, the word “Many” implying yet again to have more than five wires?

With the wireless interface fitted to the mobile phone, there is only then one wire.

So, we ask what is your motive in all this Forester?

The only reason you would do this is to discredit competition and increase your sales through false or exaggerated claims.

The purchaser has never contacted Mark Howe and complained, yet could very easily have the S40_roulette phone that is known to be faulty at our message board. It appears that you seem to think that it is appropiate to complain for him conveniently at your site to discredt competitors. Would it not be appropiate to email Mark Howe personally with this complaint? This confers that you are in some way acting in a malcious manner.

Mark Howe has just threaten the Gaming Board in the UK with legal action if he did not receive a letter from them stating that the quote claimed to be made by made by Thomas Allmark From GBGB by Stefano Hourmouzis was false, he would sue them. This letter will appear on Mark Howe’s site soon. Stefano was asked to remove the offending material. Authorites are dealing with Stefano Hourmouzis currently in Australia that is why he is so quite.

Sell your products on merit Forester, not by discrediting competitors with exaggerated claims using the words " MANY" AND " fAULTY" together.

Nowegian is genuine, I have spoken to him on the phone and his Wife Forester, I would think it would be appropiate for you do the same and email him for a conversation and clarify who he actually is. It is easy and convenient to claim it is Mark howe the same as you use the words many wires and many faulty phones, but people can see what type of person you really are and it will only aid you in tarnishing your own character. I think you owe Mark Howe an apology, but thats entirely up to you.

When it was discussed on Mark Howe’s message board, he just laughed and was not even interested in your wild claims and said he would never vist your forum because in his own words, people can see clearly that you write alot of the posts made here apparently by others.

On a personal basis, I have Mark Howe’s phone and both programs, S42 and S60 and I can say they work very well and I am 100% happy with them and his other products. I am not making millions, but I do make thousands of dollars when I play, i just have to be very careful where I play,

If you had spoken to one of his customers from his message board, you would know that the majority of users do very well with it.

I hope I have spoken in defence of Mark Howe’s products wisely and addressed many of your outragous claims, not the use of the word “MANY”, meaning more than five.

David Sawyer

that it looks like many people have complained to you personally with faulty software.

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