FF and electronic roulette

does FF work on automatic/electronic roulette (no dealer, bets on screen)? i am asking because there are a lot of casinos near me with many automatic roulettes but only a few big ones with real roulette…

I assume you mean airball roulette right?

I cannot see why it would not work on airball. Should be fine.

As long as there is a wheel and a ball…no problem.

yes, i meant airball roulette :slight_smile: if FF works on it, great - i will have tens of wheels to choose from very close to me… :smiley:
i just thought maybe airball has some additional randomness added (like changing pressure or something else not visible to the eye) which makes prediction impossible

Well I’m also pretty new to the scene. I might not be the best person to answer your questions but as far as I know FF times rotor speed and spins so really as far as I understand for the airball machine to vary ball speed or rotor speed should not make a difference to FF.

The problem of modern airball machines is, that during the spin rotor speed changes. Sometimes the machine slows the rotor, and sometimes it accelerate it. And i repeat - DURING THE SPIN.
I do not know, which type of machines is used in your country, but be careful and watch the rotor closely.

If the rotor speed change within a spin up or down I would stay clear of them. :o

Hi.I am analyzing an automatic roulette and as soon as I have the data I will tell you something. :o

The airball roulette I played at calls NMB’s VERY early. The ball rotates only about 2-3 spins and then NMB’s is called. There’s not enough time to clock the rotor, clock the ball, AND place bets.
Maybe your’s is different but that’s just what I found.

NMB is not a problem here, bets are allowed reasonably late on most wheels

but look at this, i found something disappointing on another roulette forum:

Earlier this year I did some homework on airball/auto roulette wheels made in SLOVENIA.

INTERBLOK was one manufacturer as I recall , and the other was ALFASTREET. There may be others.

I recall that airball/auto wheels made by above manufacturers both produce RNG spin results and are not random spin results as some airball/auto wheels are. These Slovenian wheels are programable (% payout) ,have player recognition and can also detect player betting patterns. Sort of like artificial intelligence.No different to playing animated rng roulette at an online casino.

if i understand correctly, the payout % is predefined, like on slot machines… and the ball is somehow forced to land in a perticular pocket?? do you think this is true/possible? if this is true, all roulette computers would be useless on airball roulette :-[

If that is the case I would stay well clear. :o

Then again I played on a Admiral Airball machine (I think that’s what it was called)

No problems there.

MAN Im I jealous

gigino, i’m looking forward to your findings on the topic :slight_smile:

I have analyzed in various sessions hundreds of spins.In my case the rotor changes the speed during the throwing of the ball.My conclusion is that must not be played on this type of roulette for the various motives above statements and then because the casino can do in way to increase it own advantage eliminating the aventualis stung weak to which a player can be attacked for having advantage.If you want to try before you analyze well. :o :oThere are perhaps various types and on some advantage can be gotten.

is it clearly visible or do you have to observe very carefully to notice it? so if my wheel does NOT change rotor speed, will the advantage be the same as on normal roulette or are there any other strange conditions on airball roulette?
thank you very much for your research!