Ff - acrobat

FF-Acrobat is software that is in development for the new generation of FF roulette computers.

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Congratulations now is no longer possible to lose ;D. I would like to know if the new software is insertable in every old FF or you make a new support. Again congratulations.


Im sure it will be amazing :smiley:

HAHA I wish. ;D

The program can’t be used with old FF’s and I am sorry for that, I had to use a different chip (larger space, memory, speed). The new chip is good with extra space if ever needed.
Thank you, but most of Acrobat are member’s ideas and suggestions.

Well the system will be better. But I can see and disadvantage, even its easy to use it takes longer to set. It could be problem where ball is changing frequently or where conditions changing rapidly. Perhaps specific design of FFZ/V may help in some cases. Acrobat on FFZ/V do not care which one is which ball direction as talking computers do. It is more as direction 1 and direction 2, so 1 and 2 can be any ball direction. That also means the player may select 1 and use it for one kind of ball and 2 for the other, regardless in which direction the ball is going.

So from my understanding, does this mean that instead of the player identifying whether or not the the dominant diamonds will produce same results according to the wheel speed and scatter, the Acrobat software identifies whether or not the measured wheel speed during the spin will be compatible with the most probable diamond the ball will strike to produce same results, and if it is compatible and results are the same, then it will predict?

The system scans for the best set sample then compares it with the next one calculates results for both, compares and indicates if there is a conflict. Adjusting offset is different .

FFV- Acrobat documents are sent to factory to be manufactured. ;D

New FFV-Acrobat will be first roulette computer small enough (less than 50% of casino chip) so it can fit in between player’s teeth.

Such option is available only to Support forum members who already have one of the FF units.

Too often asked.

I think I saw a tooth-button for one of your devices.

I thought about this a long time-ago and like the idea

Clicking with the teeth seems most accurate and lest exhausting than with a toe

Is it possible to get a tooth switch [wireless] with the FFZ?

There is no need for wireless since all computer is so small to fit inside mouth.

I will want to pay with a MONEYGRAM because I don’t use Paypal - and never will.

There is always way to pay but I have to disappoint you, mouth version for now is available only for people who already have one of FF roulette computers.

Any information about your newest devices and switching benefits would be much appreciated.

I should receive it from factory at the end of this month.
Benefits is hard to list, it keeps all benefits only FFZ and FFV could have.

Flexibility to clock rotor at any position, covert very small (smaller than ½ of casino chip),
multiple independent predictions during the same spin,
prediction at any moment during the spin.
Measured time accuracy better than 0.0000001 seconds.
Tridimensional array search to find the best predictions, then compare it to find if any conflict exists within specific parameters defined by user.
Multiple offset adjustments,
set for any amount of diamonds to play… etc

Also; the casinos I attend often have the croupier spinning clock-wise then counter-clockwise - every spin - CCW then CW then CCW then CW, Would that be a problem?

Is not a problem , new program Acrobat is special, you can even play two tables at same time.
It’s very powerful program; combined with so fast and accurate hardware, it has a lot of potential and opportunities. We only need to learn how to use it for the best. 8)

The acrobat new roulette computer arrived!

If you can’t see it, it isn’t because my hand is too big but because the system is so small :P.
Few more days and it will be ready.


Very impressive, hard to detect.
And with its new features it will be the dream of every AP.
Long life to FF’s!!! 8)

Smaller than a remote switch ;).
Let the Games Begin!

well, well, really impressed. is it tooooo small?

[quote=“forester, post:10, topic:744”]The acrobat new roulette computer arrived!

If you can’t see it, it isn’t because my hand is too big but because the system is so small :P.
Few more days and it will be ready.[/quote]

Is this the end of the Casinos all over the world ?


Stupendous. Congratulations. 8) 8) 8)

I hope you’ll make a video to show us how it works :smiley:

For an observer it wouldn’t be much different than this video.
I do not show the systems, and in videos I use test unit which instead of zap/ vibration flashes and beeps. Since this is new hardware based around different micro controller I’ll have to build new test unit and I will but first things first.

Videos are not to promote it but to help users to use the system properly .
Until today I can’t understand why some are making videos with few spins just for an advertisement.


Hi all! I am new to this and I have some questions.Hope you cand help me.I went to the casino today where I usually go and study the wheel.The speed of the rotor is approximately 3 seconds, the ball makes between 10 and 12 rotations before fall.The time to NMB is somewhere 7 seconds after the ball is released.I want to say that roulette is conducted electronically without any crupier.I think that you call this a “touchbet”.In 2 seconds I can bet 7 numbers.A number plus 3 neighbours on each side and my question is if FF Acrobat can make a prediction within 5 seconds when the ball is released or in the first 4-5 laps of the ball so I cand still have time to bet.Thank You!

5 seconds or first 4-5 laps is not the same.
4-5 ball rotations at start can be 3.5 seconds.

Let’s add the times.
Good feature of FFZ and FFV you can clock the rotor at any moment during the spin so there is no waiting there. And you can also clock full rotor rotation or ½ of rotor each spin independently without any previously required settings.

Let’s say it takes you 0.5s from start of the spin to react and to start rotor clocking.
0.5 +
Then you clock ½ rotor which is 3 seconds or 1.5 , so it’s
0.5 + 1.5+
Then you wait when the ball comes to clocking position and it may take about 0.5 sec.
0.5 + 1.5 + 0.5 +
Clocking 2 ball rotations may take 1.6 s
0.5 + 1.5 + 0.5 + 1.6 +
System gets first prediction 0.1 to 0.7 s, so let’s use 0.5
0.5 + 1.5 + 0.5 + 1.6 + 0.5
You make a bet for example playing 5 numbers neighbors 1 sec.
0.5 + 1.5 + 0.5 + 1.6 + 0.5 +1 = 4.6 seconds
So you would need ~4.6 seconds for the system to predict.

FFZ/V R5A program has added VB2 combination. With that where rotor clocking is used it will still take 3.5 seconds. Or if rotor is not used it will take ~2 s but if rotor changing you would need to have skill to notice change and make adjustment just by looking at it.