Fast prediction method

Is it possible to make a correct prediction from the first revolution of the ball, after the dealer throws the ball?

Im asking this because on the most online cazinos they call “no more bets” 2 or 3 secs after the dealer release the ball.So you have no time for someone to use a vb method.
Only at dublinbet the give more time, but there the quality of streaming is too low.

1st of all in the most online casinos the NMB are in a very GOOD timing.Look at Celtic casino and DB etc…

yes there is a method that u can make prediction very early and it is called Dealers Signature ,but it need too good conditijons that u will never gona find them…\also it is not giving U the advantage like VB


Do you know others online’s casino where we can practice VB in good condition?

thanks a lot :wink:

As long as the rotor speed is constant and there is a definate DD I say yes! As the dealer releases you predict.