Fairway Casino Introduction

Hi All,

Just a quick introduction to say hi, and thank you for welcoming me to your forum. It looks great, and I look forward to joining your community

I am also proud to announce the launch of my new live dealer casino, FairwayCasino.com, which uses Visionary iGaming software and dealers. Please accept my invitation to check it out, and of course I welcome your comments, suggestions, and interest.

I am pleased with the new site, and thrilled with our product, especially our live roulette, which is professionally dealt. We use the Cammegh Mercury 360 wheel, and our dealers are well trained, and fully supervised.

Warmest regards,

Gian Perroni, Casino Manager

One spin dealer spins wheel and ball in same direction.
Nobody noticed it.

Its because they have strong supervision…


I was logged in as a guest,
Said hello
Dealer said hello guest xxxx
I told him did you notice that last spin your ball and rotor were going in same direction
He looked confused and pretended he didn’t see it.
There were other players online logged in, nobody commented it.

its because the players have never actually look inside a wheel… :smiley: