Exploitable Interblock roulette machines

I have noticed that automatic roulette machines could be exploited for bias and some for vb (some machines allows betting after ball is released).

Let’s focus on bias, i think it is beatable becasue the interblock machine has the same mechanical part as a normal roulette wheel just like live dealer wheel! The ball is also quite bouncy and has opportunites to touch a lot of places on the wheel although bias should logically be weaker due to steeper apron and metal pockets which kinda eliminate individual pocket bias(for some model) but not section bias and the ball does not travel up the cone as frequent (although i had witness some balls travel up the cone like 1/3 of the time for interblock machine, the steeper apron or rotor probably is a two edge sword which can make the ball travel up the cone and high ). Rotor speed is probably programmed to be 1 in some, lets say 1 in 6, ball is always spinning in one direction. For some machines like spintech, rotor speed is faster around (3s) and this allows the ball to travel past more defects on the wheel and be affected by them.

Indirect evidence it can be beaten
1.Casino had in fact lowered the limit of auto roulette machines from $500 per number max a few years ago to now $25 max per number.
2. The cone on new model was changed such that i can hardly visually identify the wobble and the “harder to view” cone had a higher limit comparing to the old one where it is easier to see the wobble. The workaround is to shine a laser pen “with a stabiliser at the wheel” while no one is watching.

Advantages of auto roulette machines

  1. Ball is always travelling in 1 direction instead of 2 so you save half of your time taking data.
  2. Wheel speed is programmed to be 1 in 6 lets say, and that the ball is spin pretty much a smilar way everyspin.
  3. The pace of the game is fixed to around 60-80s per spin, averaging at around 40-60 spins per hour.
  4. There is no pitposs or dealer than could be watching you, you are likely to receive the less amount of heat in a casino as an ap. Even with $25 per number and you bet 6 and advantage is 6%, you are making still higher hourly EV around $450 per hour than most blackjack players out there and receive no heat.
  5. The machine shows the previous 80-200numbers on the numberboard so i can just note that down let’s say 5 machines in the same casino, come back 4 hours later and do it again. Data can be taken very quickly to determine whether the wheel is biased as there are a clusters of them. Even the chance of random is lets say 1 in 10, chi square is not high enough but you have 10 of them. Using probability, if you play all of them, you should be positive EV given your bankroll is enough.

If anyone can dm me experiences of playing auto roulette machines, that would be great.