Evil eyes Beograd roulette system

Hi Forester,

May I ask you do you have a copy of the Beograd Roulette System?

I was reading some stuff I found on the net saying that the Ritz team was using a roulette computer in the Ritz.

But that was counteracted saying that they were not using a roulette computer at all,

supposidly they were using what has been called the Beograd Roulette System,

Is it a system of play ?

My thoughts are its more likely to be some form of VB,

either way as you are a man of much more knowledge than I If you have a copy of it or know what it is I would love to read up about it.

Im trying to expand my knowledge in conjunction with your RC,

Your RC is very powerfull ( thank you ) and knowledge is power as well which is why I am trying to improve my own personal knowledge to use in conjunction with the RC.

Thank you in advance sir,

hope you can help me,


This might be interesting.
After Ritz teams big Win there was all kind of guessing what they used, a roulette computer, laser or VB.

It was definitely VB. Everything else was made by media lack of understanding and some computer sellers used it it for their advantage.

There is a school of people from that region successfully playing VB. Some call it Evil eyes since by just watching they could predict where the ball will stop. It was not just that win in Ritz but many in past 20 years at many different places. Its matter of finding right conditions some made about 10 million in cash.

Regarding technique they used its nothing special, VB as VB.
If you come across some posts where the knee point on roulette wheels is explained, that’s what they used in combination with cross patterns. They observe the ball and amount of pockets the ball crosses. At the moment of sudden ball deceleration amount of pockets drastically increases, so they use it as a triggering point to identify particular moment during the spin. It might be a better way than just identifying a knee point since they can see how the pattern developing and act on first or second step when it changes. Such way gives them better chance to avoid predicting in different ball rotation.

Ritz team is still active but there is not so big wins. It’s not just because they are observed or worried to play but simply at many casinos conditions have changed to worst. When I was in EU my friend player called one of them but he was far, still playing. Apparently he had some bad investments and lost lot of money in business.

Winning big is possible only under right conditions. But right conditions can be found due to casinos negligence and luck of understanding or deliberately created. Where big money is involved anything is possible so use your imagination.

The FF is definitely more accurate than any VB most skilled player. But I also know even for the FF under most conditions is hard.

I am working on a new program that I start calling “Acrobat”.
I am confident it will be better just do not know how much better. Acrobat because it will jump across the systems as using 10 FFs at once. Theoretically it should be able to predict everything on the best way, but in reality who knows. The only dependence is accuracy of clocking since the rest will not be so much calculated but defined by samples the ball makes at different spins.

Cool post.

Mr J: I have been sent here by the God of roulette to teach you how to win.

Snowman: I sent no one.

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Great post Forestor and thank you.

The knee point is something I have never heard of,

does anyone have any info on the knee point ?

what it is how to find it play it etc ?


How to search forum? Easy way. At top next to myrulet you have a search box. If you are at forums main page type in for example word [b]knee[/b] and you'll get list of posts where the word knee was used. If you are at particular forums section and do the same then you'll get results only within that particular section.

With this one you are lucky since we do not use the that word a lot.
Some call it a “sweet spot”.

I’ve toyed with a way of observation where I observe one deflector and count the number of pockets to pass under during each ball rev. Early in the spin it’s a couple pockets, then 1/8th of the wheel passes, then 1/6th, then 1/4th of the wheel passes and this it what I would typically watch for and make an observation/prediction. It’s the 4x crossover. I’m guessing this is similar to what they were doing. I never really spent much time working on this as I found easier way to do it, but I’m sure with enough practice, patience and testing it would work fine.

I never used it, just few times tried to identify the point.
It doesn’t matter much how many pockets is passing (that depends on the rotor speed) but it matters where is the change.
For example the ball makes one rotation and rotor passes
3 pockets, next ball rotations it makes

The change 6 pockets was from 10 to 16,
That 6 pockets difference from spin to spin may change.
It’s not same if the knee point starts for example ¼ rotation after the ball passes your DD so the ball rapidly slowing ¾ of rotation or if it starts ½ or ¾. Such difference may cause different amount of rotations to the end of spin. Someone skilled may spot the differences and readjust prediction based on how the pattern develops.

Level Wheel…Thumper…Moment of Thumper beat pattern change… That’s your reference number…Lots of practice…

Hi Davey-Jones,

Im trying to find new ideas at the moment for VB,but because Im only a rank amateaur at the moment Im not having very much success.

So Im trying to look at different ideas and other peoples different methods to expand my own personal knowledge and hopefully give me some new ideas of my own.

Its not an easy road but Im more than sure with time effort and improved knowledge it will all be worth it in the end,


Good luck with your quest D1. The correct method of VB is the one that works for you. I think the biggest misconception in VB is that there is only one perfect way to play. VB is very much a personal skill. It’s like pitcher’s in baseball. A lot of them have different styles and techniques when it comes to throwing a baseball, but as long as they can throw strikes consistently over 90 mph who really cares how they do it? My advice is find a way that is comfortable for you. Over the years I’ve been looking into VB I’ve come across at least a dozen different ways of doing it. Of those I have only really bothered with half of them and in the end maybe use 2-3. Some methods tend to be over complicated for no apparent reason while others are extremely simple to understand and use. Then there are some that are just downright confusing. In the end I just went with what I could understand and use easily. I’ve been told by others that some of the ways I use are too confusing for them to understand while they are simple for me. Are we both right or wrong? As long as it works, who cares?

BTW, most of the descriptions of VB methods that you read about tend to be vague and confusing at the best of times. So you may have to read and reread multiple times to even have a clue how the specific method works.

Great Thread!
“BTW, most of the descriptions of VB methods that you read about tend to be vague and confusing at the best of times. So you may have to read and reread multiple times to even have a clue how the specific method works.”

I agree Davey, lots of dis-information out there and a lot of the time on purpose. :smiley:
KISS may work well for one person, where as for another it might seem all but impossible to accomplish.
Your pitcher scenario is a very good and true example.
Who gives a RA, if it works for you, that is what is most important.
The end goal is for you to seperate the casino from it’s money,not visa versa!